The 19th Wife

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I am reading a book called The 19th Wife by David Evershoff. It's amazing. It's more than amazing... it's... super?

It's a novel, not historical fact, but it shares a glimpse into the life of Ann Eliza Young, a plural wife of Brigham Young. It shares copies of historical documents from a graduate student trying to get records of Ann Eliza Young from the church records center and constantly being denied. Her professors even attempted to help her get this records... it's amazing how much info they have hidden in "private collections."

Reading this book put me in a place of almost understanding what women of polygamy went through. Not only were they not allowed to hold the priesthood, they were collected like trophies.

Brigham Young wanted Ann Eliza. He made Ann Eliza's brother's life a living HELL until he would agree to talk Ann Eliza into marrying Brigham in secret. After deciding that the Mormon Church wasn't true and going into hiding, Ann Eliza wrote a book (Wife No. 19) and went on a speaking tour. Soon after, she disappeared without a trace.

For those who are interested, these books are well worth your time and money!!! LOVE THEM!!!



  1. Kelly Says:

    Thank you for the recommendations! I will defiantly check those out.

  1. The Marcheses Says:

    I tried to find this at Borders and they didn't have it =(

  1. Andee Says:

    The Marcheses,

    That is really weird! That is exactly where I bought my copy!!!

    Hmm... maybe you will have to order it online. :(