I'm A Movie-Maker...

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Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days. Luckily for me, I have a week and a half off from work for my birthday (using my vacation time so I don't loose it!) and I will have tons of time to update the blog and fix all my links that are still floating around in cyber-space!

I am also working on a small You-Tube-ish movie about my exit from the church and the reasons behind it. This is just a small example of the finished product. Sorry it's so small, but I am still learning the software :)

There is no music either... but that will change!

Love you guys!


  1. Chino Blanco Says:


    Looking forward to watching.

    Pls consider if you'd be amenable to letting us post your movie over at stopthemormons.com?



  1. Mester Says:

    I love it so far.... It ended with me gasping for the rest. Please finish it- I know a bit of your story, but I am really looking forward to how you condense and tell it in this medium.