You Could Be Wrong

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That's right! Snack on some popcorn and really think about it!

One common thing that constantly pops into my mind when speaking with believing Mormons is that they refuse to even examine things objectively.

Sure, I know that they have their entire lives wound up in their belief system, but how do you know if your church is really true if you don't look at ALL the evidence.

They don't even consider it!

That's right TBMs...

You *could* be wrong.

Yes, I know the obvious counter-argument is that *I* could be wrong. I realize that...

I spent 28 years of my life being wrong. Trust me when I tell you that I recognize that fact.

I just think the facts and historical evidence sides with the church being a man made institution. Where is the evidence proving the church is true? Warm fuzzies don't cut it.

The trouble I have with most of the Mormons who argue or discuss things on my blog is that they don't set out to prove the church true... they set out to poke holes in history, science, and logic. They play games of "what if?"

Well, lets play a game of "what if."

What if you are wrong?



  1. Peter Says:


    This is a great question. I think this question alone could get people thinking about the truth enough to examine the realities of their fraudulent church.

    Being here on the so-called outside, I cherish the ability to consider that I might be wrong about something. It presents an ability to adjust or change behavior or beliefs for the better.

    Excellent post as always!

  1. Andee Says:

    Thank you, Peter!

    I get frustrated when they don't offer proof their church is true... instead they bear their testimony or try to poke holes in things like DNA.

    They CAN'T prove the church true, and the apologists know it. Instead they focus on finding ways that the church might possibly be true.

    Does that make sense?

    Probably not.

    Thanks for reading!!