Mixed Results

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Well, I hopped back into the kitchen today just to have a little fun. I wasn't really focused on a specific recipe or decorating technique... I just wanted to make something.

I decided to go with vanilla cake and vanilla icing. You can't go wrong with that. No fancy fillings or anything like that. Just good food.

I also had a mini-cupcake pan and mini-cupcake liners, so I made mini-cupcakes, too!

Here are a couple shots of the results:

The only decorations I had on hand was a mixture of colored sugar. I rolled the cupcakes in the sugar and created a rainbow. It's pretty cool... I like it.

The green colored sugar reminded me of a granny smith apple, so I became inspired to create some "apples."

I used a pretzel stick and green ribbon for the stem and leaves. It would have been awesome if I had some mint leaves on hand, but no luck. That way the entire thing would have been edible.

Hope you like 'em!


  1. purple-goat Says:

    :) They are so cute and sparkly! Yum!

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    They do look awesome. Do you just do cupcakes, or other stuff too?

  1. Lilli Says:

    Aww they are so cute! They are making me hungry too :)