I Wanted To Tell Them To Shut Up!

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I had a conversation with someone today who really ticked me off.

Well, I didn't have a conversation *with* them, I kind of overheard their conversation. Wasn't eavesdropping... honest. It's not like I can leave my position at work and let people talk amongst themselves. It's my job to be there in case they need me.


They were going on and on about how someone they knew left the Church and how sad and horrible that person's life was going to be. How poor they would be without paying their tithing. How lonely they would be without a temple marriage. You would think the person was given two weeks to live or something... but no.

The only thing this random person did was decide the Mormon Church wasn't for them. A grown adult with the capacity to understand and objectively study what they want to believe in. Yes... how horrible for them... right?

I suppose this is the last line of defense the Church has for people like me.

They want to scare my believing family and friends into thinking that I am going to become a raging alcoholic who sleeps around with random men (and women!) and robs convenience stores for extra drug money. They want my family and friends to assume that my life is horrific. They want them to believe that the only thing that can save me is the LDS Church, or being cut off from my friends and family in a showing of "tough love."

I have a news flash for all the Mormons who love to read my blog and discuss amongst yourselves...

My life is great.


It is.

I have an apartment that I share with a really good friend. We have separate bedrooms. Really. We do.

I have three adorable kittens who shower me with unconditional love (something the church doesn't quite understand if you ask me...) because they love me for me.

I have family members who don't give a flying rats ass what religion I am or what I believe in... they love me because I am a good person.

There are no drug-induced orgies. No crying myself to sleep at night because I have lost the will to live.

My life went on just fine without the church...

I just wish more Mormons would understand that...

You have no idea how hard I had to bite my tongue when they were talking... ugh...