The Kids

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Rant time!

I just talked with a friend who is also leaving the Mormon Church. She has become inactive recently, along with her husband and three children. Naturally, the bishop, Relief Society President, Young Womens, Young Mens, Primary, Scouts and home teachers have all started in with "love bombing."

They have received TONS of phone calls from "concerned" members of their ward.

"Why have you stopped attending??"

"Were you offended?" (Why is it they always assume that?)

"Is there anything we can help you with?"

"Do you need a ride to church?"

It never ends for them. Usually three calls per day, from different people in the ward. The family finally came to a decision to tell the bishop they wanted to be left alone. Seems like a simple request, doesn't it? Do you think it happened? Nope.

Not long after they told the bishop they wanted no contact from people about their attendance from church (they were all for being friends with everyone... they just didn't want to discuss church in the middle of deciding what they were going to do!) they received a bunch of letters in the mail.

One of these letters was written to their small child who is in primary. All the kids in primary signed a card and told this little one how much they loved him and missed him in church. They told him how much fun they were having.

At school, one of this little boys' friends told him he would go to Hell if he wasn't baptized when he turns 8 (in a couple months).

What the Hell are these grown adults thinking telling little kids this kind of thing? Why should we be manipulating a child to feel sad about not going to church with his family? Why should any grown adult teach THEIR OWN kid that other children not baptized would go to hell?

Where are the boundaries here? What right does anyone have to do this to a child?

Pisses me off...


P.S. These photos were taken a week ago when I went out to dinner with my family. I kind of like the dark mood they have... hope you like 'em!


  1. The Marcheses Says:

    I do like them! I thought at first that the first photo was a 2d drawing or painting that was embossed until I looked at it more closely. They're spooky =)

  1. maybemaybenot Says:

    These are my favorite pics so far, Andee. They are awesome.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is why I really want my children to never, ever, have to step foot into a LDS church. (again) The MIND Games are HUGE!
    (It's the truth)
    Great pics!
    This is Oceanwoman aka Beachlady if my login does not work!