Look What I Did!!!

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Don't worry, it looks worse than it is.

Of all the things I could get hurt doing... all the things in the world...


I was SWEEPING and my hand was caught under a shelf. Without grossing anyone out, I will just say that there was lots of blood.

All is well now, have no fear. My cuts have been cleaned and bandaged (weirdly) and I will move on with my life... hahaha...

How does someone get hurt sweeping?


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Thanks, Demand More... This is Great!

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A friend and fellow blogger, Demand More, shared this video with me a little while ago. I love it and I think it rocks.

Thanks for the link!!

Check out her blog, A Neverending Battle, she's great.


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Busy Baker

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I made some treats today.

Peanut Butter Cookies Dipped in Milk Chocolate

Brownie/Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I also came up with a name for the baking blog, but I would like some thoughts first... how about:

Sweet Sweet Heaven?

Does that sound stupid?



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Work Rant

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No, I don't work at Wal-Mart.

I have found myself running the Self-Checkout machines at my work location often. Not many of the people who work there like that spot, some get frustrated with the computer aspect of it and some can't keep up with watching and monitoring 4 transactions at one time. I think it's kind of fun, and I don't mind it at all. So, I volunteer to go over there...

Over the past couple of weeks I have dealt with some of the most rude, mean and angry people I have ever come across in my lifetime. I have dealt with rude people before, believe me. Working in Orlando theme parks you run across people who think they own you and you do what they tell you to do. They loved to tell me my job and how to do it. Arrogant Morons.

Well, lately it's been insane at work! This is what I think...

Times are tough. We are in a recession and people are losing their jobs left and right. My Mom and my roommate still haven't found work, and I know tons of people who are in the same boat! It's depressing and people are very worried.

People are stressed out. How are they going to pay their bills? How can they keep up with house payments, car payments, utilities, put food on the table if times are so tough? I am stressed out, and I HAVE a job. I can only imagine what some of these people are going through... especially if they have a family to take care of.

The weather sucks. If you live in the state of Utah, you know how cold and snowy it has been lately. When I was dropped off at work the other day the temperature was seven degrees. Brr. No one enjoys being so cold and wet all the time. I don't.

Okay, here is where all this fits in...

When people get angry about life, they take it out on people who don't deserve it! I understand that they might be going through a lot, but that doesn't give them the right to talk to me as if I am an idiot who can't handle a different job (just because I work behind a register they assume I am stupid and can't take on a more difficult task).

Here is a list of the things that have happened to me this past week:

  • A lady didn't know how to use self check out, and didn't bag the items she was purchasing after she scanned them. She started huffing and puffing when the machine wouldn't let her scan more items. I explained to her that she needed to hit the "skip bagging" button if she didn't want to bag the items. Her comment? "You guys have the stupidest system!" Um... yeah... all self-checkouts do that. Not our fault you don't know what the hell your are doing.
  • One guy had a credit card that wouldn't read. The card was very worn, cracked, and there is no wonder the machine couldn't read it. The magnetic strip was next to nothing! Of course, it was *my* fault that the card wouldn't read, and the stores fault for buying such "crappy" machines. The guy was a moron.
  • I was helping a gentleman (I use that term loosely) with a rather large purchase and I asked for ID after getting his credit card. This is for *his* protection. Would he like it if someone stole his credit card and spent next to $900 for a bunch of stuff? Probably not. Instead of just showing me his drivers license he went into a rant telling me that I was being racist (he is white, I am white... didn't get that) and that I wasn't trusting him. I explained that all credit card purchases require proper identification, and he told me I was stupid. Yeah.
  • Old guy walks up in a nice suit, white shirt pressed and perfect, shoes shined, and says to me, "Here... this is your job." Actually sir, this is the self-checkout lane. It's YOUR job. If you don't want to use self-checkout, go to a different lane. Is it that hard to understand?
  • Yesterday a young woman walked up to the machine with an already present attitude problem. When she didn't bag her items she looked at me as if she wanted me dead and buried. Her mother was with her, and her mother didn't say a word. I couldn't believe the the attitude they both had. They were both dressed pretty well, and they were buying expensive stuff, so I got the impression that they felt they were "above" doing any work for themselves. Again, if you don't like self-checkout... don't use it. She sucked.
Here is a little reminder of how to operate self-checkouts... I wrote this a long time ago, but I think it's important to help me release all this pent-up anger with these horrible people... I wrote it after a busy Saturday at self-checkout...
Today I worked at a Self-Checkout aisle on a really busy Saturday. I have figured out a few things people should know about these handy little computers that save time... they only save time if you know what you are doing and pay attention.

Let me give everyone a quick little lesson in Self-Checkouts...

If you have a ton of items, and are frustrated quickly, Self-checkout is *not* for you. Self-checkout is fantastic if the store is super-busy. If you have just a few items and you don't want to stand in line behind people who have a million things in their shopping carts.

Press the "English" key for English. Press the "Spanish" key for Spanish. You might laugh as you read that, but you would be surprised at how hard it seems for people to grasp.

Scan your items. Seems simple, huh? Well, sometimes it's not. If the barcode on your item is small, covered with a sticker, or the label is missing you are not going to be able to scan the item. You are going to have to wait for someone to help you. Most self-checkouts have 1 attendant to 4 self-checkout machines... so be patient. Best thing to do is make sure your items have the barcodes on them when you place them in your cart. That way, there are no surprises.

After scanning the item, put the item in the bagging area. There is a reason for this. It's not "Stupid." The bagging area in the self-checkout has a scale in it. If you scan something really heavy, the scale will expect something really heavy. That little computerized scale knows how heavy everything is in the store. It will tell you to stop scanning if the item weight is wrong, or if the item was taken out of the bagging area.

I can't tell you how many times people start getting mad because they don't put the item in the bagging area. The scan it, then hold it. Then they reach for something else, and try to scan it... the computer won't let them because the computer is waiting for the 1st item's weight to register. It's not that hard, and it prevents theft... that is why the scales are there. The stores would lose too much money if the scales were turned off. Just deal with bagging the items, it's how it is.

Now, if you are shopping in a store that has HUGE items, the attendant can access a scan gun and scan the item for you so you don't have to lift it. When the attendant does this, he/she takes control over the checkout station. You will not have to put any items the attendant scans into the bagging area.

If you have a coupon, let the attendant know!!! Some self-checkouts allow the customer to put in the coupon, others require the attendant to get involved. If you scan your debit or credit card, it will be TOO LATE to enter your coupon. There is nothing the attendant or the store can do if you have already started the payment. Be aware of the coupons you have, and use them at the right time.

When you are done scanning items, click on "Finish & Pay." Many people stand there and scan their credit/debit cards over and over again getting angry that the machine isn't working... when in reality they are not telling the machine they are done. It's a very easy mistake to make, so don't get angry or frustrated if that happens.

If you are paying with cash, keep the bills face up... just like a soda machine. Here is a small tip for you. If you are using coins, put them in first. That way the machine will give you your change in bills instead of coin if possible. Trust me, it works.

Since self-checkouts are used so often, you might have to scan your credit or debit card a couple times for it to go through. Don't panic. The machine will not charge you twice if this is the case. If you are concerned, call the attendant over. If the credit card scanner isn't reading your card, they can enter it manually... if they do enter it manually, it will be processed as a credit card even if you have a debit card. Don't panic about that either. You won't even notice a difference in your bank statement.

Don't forget to take your change!!! This happens a lot, especially if people are busy/in a hurry and don't look for the bills that come out of the bill slot, which is sometimes under the scanner (a really bad place in my humble opinion). Double check that you got your money! Don't forget the receipt! If you have to return something without it, you might get stuck with a merchandise credit instead of cash!

Now, here is the deal. Shit happens, I am aware of that... I really am... happens to me all the time. Thing is, don't take your bad day out on the person trying to help you. If your coupon is expired, it's not the cashier's fault, is it? No. If the line was long and you were waiting and waiting... it's not the cashier's fault. They were the ones who showed up to work! They are the ones doing their best to help you out. Getting mad and huffy with them isn't going to make anything better... as a matter of fact, how helpful would you be to someone being rude to you for something that wasn't your fault?

People take out their daily frustrations on innocent people all the freaking time. I have seen it over and over again.

Today this guy pulled up to a self-checkout register and started pushing buttons, he didn't read the buttons, or listen to the voice prompting him to bag his items. He started getting frustrated when the machine would tell him to press the "Skip Bagging" button if he wasn't going to put the item in the bagging area. Then I, the attendant, had to press the security button over and over again because he didn't bag anything. He started getting angry, and I tried to explain to him what was going on. He wasn't listening to a word I said.

Other customers in the area were staring at him in horror and amusement as he started throwing his items back in his shopping cart and swearing that a "real person" needed to help him right now! He started pushing the void buttons, and I had to clear the security for the voided items... on my way over to assist him, he walked right into me... when I say walked right into me... I mean, WALKED RIGHT INTO ME. He saw me coming, he didn't move. He was angry and he wanted me to know it. He was a big guy, and I now have a small bruise on my shoulder to prove it.

Unfortunately for me we were insanely busy, and I didn't have the time to stop what I was doing to call my supervisor on his sorry ass. If I ever have this guy get nasty in my face again, and touch my body in any way, I will press charges. I will. Asshole. It's not my fault you don't know what you are doing... it's not my fault you can't read or listen. Ugh!!!

How can people get so angry over things that are so controllable? Just calm the hell down and pay attention.

Thanks guys... I needed to rant. I feel much better.

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This Is Awesome!

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I was browsing the net and I found this music video!

It's soooo cool! Unique!

Hope you like it.

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So cold.

Hello friends (and those who love to hate me),

I have not decided to leave WindySydney, or forget about the blog. Promise. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been working on some new photos that I am quite proud of, and keeping myself busy working, working, and working (which is good, glad to have a job right now!).

I have decided to start a new project for my baking adventures. It will be a separate (sister) blog of WindySydney that people can go to without having to read my rants about leaving Mormonism behind. It will be more user-friendly to the baking crowd and make me seem less of an insane freak (hopefully).

Can anyone think of a good name for the baking blog?

Here are some of my thoughts...

What Andee's Eating
Delicious? or Disaster?

Can you come up with something creative? If you do, you will get a big huge cyber-hug from yours truly. I am officially stuck.

Also, I will be changing the layout of my blog (again). I still hate it. Will I ever be happy? Probably not until I get a custom one made, huh? Let me start putting money away for that riiiiiight now.

Love you all!

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Mixed Results

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Well, I hopped back into the kitchen today just to have a little fun. I wasn't really focused on a specific recipe or decorating technique... I just wanted to make something.

I decided to go with vanilla cake and vanilla icing. You can't go wrong with that. No fancy fillings or anything like that. Just good food.

I also had a mini-cupcake pan and mini-cupcake liners, so I made mini-cupcakes, too!

Here are a couple shots of the results:

The only decorations I had on hand was a mixture of colored sugar. I rolled the cupcakes in the sugar and created a rainbow. It's pretty cool... I like it.

The green colored sugar reminded me of a granny smith apple, so I became inspired to create some "apples."

I used a pretzel stick and green ribbon for the stem and leaves. It would have been awesome if I had some mint leaves on hand, but no luck. That way the entire thing would have been edible.

Hope you like 'em!

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A Wordle

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Wordle: windysydney.blogspot.com

Check out this website to make your own wordle! It was fun :D

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A Whole New Level

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Some parents take things way too far.

I am not talking about Molly-Mormon dishing out guilt until her son goes on his mission. Not talking about Dads pushing their sons to earning the elusive eagle scout. Nope.

This is something different.

The other day I had a conversation with a young woman from a different state. Her parents sent her to college in Utah in hopes that she could find a lovely return missionary and marry in the temple. Wait... there's more.

Not only did they send her to Utah for school for this purpose, they put a clause in her trust fund. If she doesn't marry her return missionary in the temple, she doesn't get a trust fund that was set up for her.

I was very open and honest with her as I shared my disbelief that any parent would do this to their child. This is evidence, to me, that their love isn't unconditional. They would rather see her married to some guy in a temple than HAPPY.

What the fuck?


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Oh. My. God.

There are soooooo many things wrong with this! I wouldn't know where to start if I had to... but I will try.

First of all, why the need to act out the barbaric nature of eating a baby? Lets not forget that you have to take a knife and slice the baby into small pieces first!

Secondly, what exactly is this giant blob the baby is suspended in? A diaper? Why would you want to slice into a diaper and eat that?




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Missionaries... What If They Don't Want To Go?

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I just read a thread on PostMormon.org from a woman who has a nephew that is reluctantly going on a mission. I didn't exactly ask permission to share the story, but I am leaving all names and identifying information out of the post. I hope it's okay.

The mission isn't something that he dreamed of doing, it's something that his family and church buddies have thrown at him.

What happens if a young man of 19 doesn't want to go on a mission?

What would his believing mother and father say/think? If you assume that they would understand his decision not to serve the Lord, you would assume wrong in a lot of cases.

This guy suffers from anxiety, and that has kept him from many things in his lifetime... why pressure the kid to do something like this if he isn't committed?

Everyone that has been a member or is currently a member of the Mormon church knows how much pressure there is for all young men to serve a mission. Most of the time, they have been taught that it is their duty to do this, and if they don't they will regret it for the rest of their life. This, of course, means that if the young man didn't want to go, and something bad happened in his life, many (not all) members would say/think, "If only you had served your mission..."

The pressure to serve a mission in the LDS Church isn't really helping anyone. Sure, I know that the whole purpose of sending missionaries into the world is to convert people, but how good are these guys going to be at converting people if they don't feel the church is true in their own heart? It would cause TONS of emotional turmoil in their heads... they would feel bad in their soul for converting people to a church that demands so much of them (time, money) if they didn't really believe it themselves.

Sometimes the parents of these young men don't even give the guy a choice. You go on a mission. You go. There is no debate, no question, no other plans. It's a part of life, like graduating high school or learning to ride a bike. It just happens.

I wonder if some of the pressure that comes from the parents (and other family members... especially grandparents) push this on their kids because they are concerned what the other ward members would think about *them.* Would all the relief society ladies be gossiping about Sister Susie's son not going to the MTC? Of course they would! Would the grandparents who devoted their entire lives to the church be disappointed and heartbroken if their grandson didn't take the opportunity to go on his mission? Of course they would!

This isn't fair to the person who actually HAS to go. I know many missionaries get excited to go on their mission... but not all of them... and how could they really even know if they wanted to go if they never entertained the thought of not going?

What about this guy's attempts to marry a good LDS girl if he didn't go on his mission? Girls are TRAINED (I speak from experience) to not marry a boy unless he went on his mission. Could you imagine if the response to a marriage proposal depended solely on what you did for two years of your life? Does that two years make you a better person and more lovable? Does it mean that you wouldn't be an excellent husband and father?

The church plays up the idea of waiting for a return missionary in the field as a very romantic and loving thing. Girlfriends waiting for their return missionaries do things like use online avatars and icons like this:

Sometimes (happens more than you would think) the girl waiting for her boyfriend finds an LDS guy who has already completed his mission... sometimes that is the only criteria for a young women (I have seen it!). Return missionary? Check. Pretty engagement ring and promises of eternal happiness? Check.


It's kind of messed up if you ask me.


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Who Made That?

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When I was a kid, I remember asking my Mom a series of questions that ended up frustrating the hell out of her...

I think I was 8 or 9, and I remember being home sick from school. Mom was trying to get me to drink some orange juice, and I wanted to talk about God. See a pattern with me?

I asked my Mom who created the earth.

"God created the earth."

Who created God?

"God doesn't want us to think about that!"

This was a loooong time ago, and my mother has started asking *me* these questions.

What created the thing that created God? What was there before that? What happened? Why are we here?

No one has answers to these questions. They might claim they do, but it's all smoke and mirrors. I personally think that we won't know until it's our time to cross over into... well... whatever.

I certainly hope that there is an afterlife with a loving creator, a place where I can see my deceased family members and friends... hang out, enjoy each other's company. That would be great... but do we know anything for certain? Nope.

One thing I *do* know is that God would be silly to use a system of secret names and handshakes in order to reach heaven. Especially when the secret names are given to so many people. Do you know how many women were given the name Ruth, for example? When a priesthood holder crosses over into the (imaginary) celestial kingdom and calls for his wife(s) Ruth, do you know how many women would step forward?

Why would God use handshakes if the ability to learn the handshakes and then give them to non-believers existed? Wouldn't God create a better way to handle that?

The way I see it, if God created this earth and all the living things on it... including plants, water life, animals, weather... everything... it certainly took a ton of planning and exact precision work. Why then, would He leave something like a secret handshake up for grabs?

Makes me scratch my head and wonder why I ever believed it to begin with!


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You Could Be Wrong

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That's right! Snack on some popcorn and really think about it!

One common thing that constantly pops into my mind when speaking with believing Mormons is that they refuse to even examine things objectively.

Sure, I know that they have their entire lives wound up in their belief system, but how do you know if your church is really true if you don't look at ALL the evidence.

They don't even consider it!

That's right TBMs...

You *could* be wrong.

Yes, I know the obvious counter-argument is that *I* could be wrong. I realize that...

I spent 28 years of my life being wrong. Trust me when I tell you that I recognize that fact.

I just think the facts and historical evidence sides with the church being a man made institution. Where is the evidence proving the church is true? Warm fuzzies don't cut it.

The trouble I have with most of the Mormons who argue or discuss things on my blog is that they don't set out to prove the church true... they set out to poke holes in history, science, and logic. They play games of "what if?"

Well, lets play a game of "what if."

What if you are wrong?


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I couldn't let my banana disaster cupcakes get the best of me. I couldn't move on with life facing a first-week-failure...

I decided to try something completely different, and I am really happy with the super-delicious results... and what better way to redeem myself than including an ingredient I was once warned against in Mormonism! Coffee!!

Here are the steps for Andee's Dark Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes!

I used a dark chocolate cake mix. After the banana disaster, I wasn't up for a "from scratch" adventure.

After I baked the cupcakes and let them cool, I cut a cone-shaped hole in the cupcakes and added a spoon-ful of the chocolate espresso mixture:

A shot of espresso (or instant coffee if you are in a pinch)
Hershey's syrup (just go by how you want your texture)
A couple spoonfuls of chocolate frosting

Mix together until the mix is the texture you like, taste, add something else... taste... this is how I bake... never measure... just lots and lots of cake batter testing and filling tasting until you get it how you want it.

Cut off excess cake from the "cone" and replace the top of the cupcake...

Add icing and decorations.

As you can see, my filling was a little runny and the tops of the cupcakes were caving a little. That's okay... because the taste more than makes up for it!

Wow, were these good.

Messy.... but good!

My apologies for the photos. Not my best work by far. I didn't take the extra time to set up the tripod because I was a little lazy.


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Um... this isn't getting off to a very good start.

As promised, I made a unique batch of cupcakes for WindySydney and they tasted like crap.

My goal was to make a banana flavored cupcake and top it with caramel and a banana slice. Unfortunately, the cake didn't taste anything like I wanted it to, and I tossed them in the trash...

They looked pretty, though!


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Why We Leave: Racism

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Quick Question

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Why would God or Jesus be mad at me for "choosing the right?"

Is standing up for human rights "wrong?"

I am just following their directions... hehe...

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The Kids

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Rant time!

I just talked with a friend who is also leaving the Mormon Church. She has become inactive recently, along with her husband and three children. Naturally, the bishop, Relief Society President, Young Womens, Young Mens, Primary, Scouts and home teachers have all started in with "love bombing."

They have received TONS of phone calls from "concerned" members of their ward.

"Why have you stopped attending??"

"Were you offended?" (Why is it they always assume that?)

"Is there anything we can help you with?"

"Do you need a ride to church?"

It never ends for them. Usually three calls per day, from different people in the ward. The family finally came to a decision to tell the bishop they wanted to be left alone. Seems like a simple request, doesn't it? Do you think it happened? Nope.

Not long after they told the bishop they wanted no contact from people about their attendance from church (they were all for being friends with everyone... they just didn't want to discuss church in the middle of deciding what they were going to do!) they received a bunch of letters in the mail.

One of these letters was written to their small child who is in primary. All the kids in primary signed a card and told this little one how much they loved him and missed him in church. They told him how much fun they were having.

At school, one of this little boys' friends told him he would go to Hell if he wasn't baptized when he turns 8 (in a couple months).

What the Hell are these grown adults thinking telling little kids this kind of thing? Why should we be manipulating a child to feel sad about not going to church with his family? Why should any grown adult teach THEIR OWN kid that other children not baptized would go to hell?

Where are the boundaries here? What right does anyone have to do this to a child?

Pisses me off...


P.S. These photos were taken a week ago when I went out to dinner with my family. I kind of like the dark mood they have... hope you like 'em!

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God Was Looking Out For Us...

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I still have no idea what to believe in.

Sometimes a belief in God seems like I have an imaginary friend. Sometimes things happen that you can't explain that make it seem like there is a loving higher power.

No one knows.

Anyway, I came across a quote from a passenger from the airplane that crash landed in the Hudson River:

'God was certainly looking out for all of us'

Really? God was looking out for you?

Was He looking out for you when he put that flock of geese in front of the plane?

If God was looking out for you, why did the accident happen in the first place?

Random musings of Andee....

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Cupcake Confessions...

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I have a confession to make.

I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes lately. Okay, slightly obsessed isn't a correct term... lets choose the word... totally. Yes. Totally obsessed.

Last week my brother and my sister-in-law gave me a belated Christmas present (only belated due to the weather and the lack of being able to travel over two mountain passes in December snowstorms!). Tons of baking sheets, including a normal sized cupcake baking sheet. I had a mini-cupcake baking sheet, and never really had the extra dough (no pun intended) to shell (not a silly baking-egg-reference... promise) to buy a normal sized cupcake pan.

This past Sunday I set about making tons of cupcakes. I had a blast. I really enjoyed it. I even took the camera and practiced a little food photography with the results. Imagine my surprise when "Cupcakes Take the Cake," a blog that I have followed for a while, used my photos and instructions for the surprise Cherry Cupcakes I made.

I was surprised that anyone besides me would be interested in the baked goods... it was a really huge honor that I didn't expect at ALL.

Anyway, I have decided to start a new series on WindySydney about all things cupcake. It's a huge departure from the ex-Mormon rantings we are all used to (and they are not going anywhere... believe me. Any ex-Mormon in Utah will tell you that you are confronted with the aspects of Mormonism every single day as you go about your daily life!) but it should be fun. I hope to share some how-to stuff, photos of my successes (or dismal failures) and recipies for the goodies as well.

I will have to do this stuff on my days off from work, and that is completely random depending on when the store needs help. Hopefully I will be able to have a cupcake edition once a week... if not, thats okay... right?

Pleasant Eating!

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I Want...

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I want this...

Wish I had more money...

Damn lottery...

*shakes lottery ticket*

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People Suck

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You know, I really need to win the lottery. I need to win the lottery, pay off my Mom's mortgage, buy myself a nice home, go back to school and live in peace. That would be fantastic. I would live in the middle of nowhere, and not bother a soul. Promise.

It's days like today that make me hate people.

I was assisting a gentleman with his purchase today and he actually snapped his fingers at me.

He. Snapped. His. Fingers.

I mean... are you kidding me? Who the Hell does this A-hole think he is??? I couldn't believe it.

I stood in shock for a full minute at least. The woman in line behind him had a look of absolute horror on her face, and I was really hoping she would chime in and tell the guy off for me. I certainly can't open my mouth... I would be fired, and who can afford to lose their job right now? No one.

What an arrogant, self-centered, Mormon jackass....

Yes, he was Mormon. Saw the recommend in his wallet as he pulled out his credit card.

God would be proud.

Feel bad for his wife... poor soul.


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Oh, Yeah... They Are Being Picked On!

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I love how some Mormons claim that they are being unjustly "picked on" after proposition 8 passed in California. They don't think they did anything wrong. They look around innocently and shrug their shoulders and say, "Why are you looking at us??? The Catholics did it, too!!!"

Don't make me sick.

I just wanted to share this photo of a letter a woman received in California from the LDS Church. Please read it for yourself and ask yourselves if the Mormon Church is just being picked on...

Click on the letter for a link to a larger image!


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I Wanted To Tell Them To Shut Up!

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I had a conversation with someone today who really ticked me off.

Well, I didn't have a conversation *with* them, I kind of overheard their conversation. Wasn't eavesdropping... honest. It's not like I can leave my position at work and let people talk amongst themselves. It's my job to be there in case they need me.


They were going on and on about how someone they knew left the Church and how sad and horrible that person's life was going to be. How poor they would be without paying their tithing. How lonely they would be without a temple marriage. You would think the person was given two weeks to live or something... but no.

The only thing this random person did was decide the Mormon Church wasn't for them. A grown adult with the capacity to understand and objectively study what they want to believe in. Yes... how horrible for them... right?

I suppose this is the last line of defense the Church has for people like me.

They want to scare my believing family and friends into thinking that I am going to become a raging alcoholic who sleeps around with random men (and women!) and robs convenience stores for extra drug money. They want my family and friends to assume that my life is horrific. They want them to believe that the only thing that can save me is the LDS Church, or being cut off from my friends and family in a showing of "tough love."

I have a news flash for all the Mormons who love to read my blog and discuss amongst yourselves...

My life is great.


It is.

I have an apartment that I share with a really good friend. We have separate bedrooms. Really. We do.

I have three adorable kittens who shower me with unconditional love (something the church doesn't quite understand if you ask me...) because they love me for me.

I have family members who don't give a flying rats ass what religion I am or what I believe in... they love me because I am a good person.

There are no drug-induced orgies. No crying myself to sleep at night because I have lost the will to live.

My life went on just fine without the church...

I just wish more Mormons would understand that...

You have no idea how hard I had to bite my tongue when they were talking... ugh...


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Watch This!!!

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Always Watching

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One of my pals on PostMormon.org (I go there constantly, it's amazing) has been watched by someone in his ward.

They were watching what he said on the website forum, and reported everything back to their bishop. I just can't get over it. It's like a freaking spy ring. Is this encouraged in any of the wards my readers might be in?

It pisses me off, because I know of people who have done that to me... both on this blog and other forums.

They think they are doing the right thing. Going behind someone's back, gathering thoughts and feelings about an important matter they are dealing with spiritually, and then turning them into the Mormon police. It's so shady and underhanded.

I wish I could just get past this, but I can't.

There are people I know who have read my blog and then made comments to me about things I have said. They do it in a passive-aggressive manner as to not make it obvious (or to make them feel better about it).

So, to direct my anger in a positive manner instead of calling these people out (that would get me nowhere) I am just going to exercise my thoughts like this...

Dear Scum,

I find it amusing that you feel the need to watch my every move, take note of everything I say, and report it back to Bishop-so-and-so.

Are you too scared to actually talk to me about it? Are we in kindergarten?

What were you doing on the website to begin with? Did bishop so-and-so ask you that?

Please look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if this is something God would be proud of.

Kiss my ass,

Wow. Now I feel better.

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A Baking Fool

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Yesterday my brother, sister-in-law and her mother drove up to the mountain town I call home and paid me a visit for my birthday.

We drove to Idaho to buy lottery tickets, went out to dinner, and did a little shopping. I even caved into peer pressure and had an alcoholic drink. Go me! It's funny how little it takes to make me feel like I am completely wasted. I am such a lightweight.

Anyway, they surprised me with some birthday/Christmas gifts that were fantastic! A collection of baking sheets, cupcake pans, cake pans... you name it. I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to have a little fun. Here are a few of the goodies I made today!

I started with cupcakes because I have a slight fascination with them lately. Sometimes I will browse flickr (photo sharing website) and look at the fantastic collection of bakers showing off their skills. Some of the decorating is stunning.

I decided to make cupcakes with surprise centers... I had white cake mix (too lazy to make this stuff from scratch) and dark chocolate cake mix. I ran to the store and got a can of cherry pie filling... here are the steps for making Cherry surprise cupcakes...

Make cupcakes.

Hahaha... silly first step to mention... but lets face it. You have to start somewhere!

Let the cupcakes cool completely. Very important step, and anyone who has attempted to add frosting to still-warm cakes will agree.

Cut a cone-shaped hole in the cupcake and put the top of the cupcake aside...

Add the cherry pie filling or any other filling you might enjoy. I am going to try adding chocolate pudding or caramel in the cupcakes next time!

Trim off excess cake from the "lid" of the cupcake and replace it.

Add frosting, decorate and then eat (the best part). I did the same thing with the chocolate cupcakes...


I had cherry pie filling left over, and when I checked my freezer I found some frozen pie crusts. I decided to make some miniature cherry pies in my cupcake pan...

I am so full of sugar that I can't bring myself to try the pie... guess I will have to have one for breakfast tomorrow!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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I Can't Believe This Sh*t!

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Abbey says, "You have got to be kidding me..."

I can't believe this! Well, I guess I can... but it pissed me off so freaking bad that I wanted to share it. Can you believe that there are bishops and counselors out there that think they have the right to treat people like this???

This is a piece of a conversation that happened on the Recovery From Mormonism website. I sincerely hope the person who wrote it doesn't mind me sharing the experience...

Okay So last week or so I posted a thread about the EPQ [Elders' quorom president] who showed up at my door and demanded to have our info and in all his penishood glory informed me that I was not allowed to turn down church visitors that it had to be my husband.

After that we decided as a family to start the resignation process . OF course that info has not trickled down to the local ward here that I want to point out we have NEVER attended.

I made it clear to all people who tried to contact us that we have a sick child and to not just show up at my house that we are not coming back and NOT interested.

Today while my hubby is at the hospital with our daughter getting blood for her treatment the bishopricks show up. ALL THREE!!!!!!

Okay I was outside with my kids playing with their toys. I could not believe the arrogance that they seemed to get out of the car with- one guy had a note pad for hells sake like he was some sort of cop.

Bishop introduces himself and then the other two stooges. I was so pissed I just asked what they wanted.

HE said and I quote" To be honest I want to know why you are not coming to church with your family.

I want to know why you as two return missionaries do not pay tithing. Why I see tea on your car bumper ( I was drinking a lipton green tea).

I want to know why the primary, scouts, relief society, and young women's never get so much as a response to their emails.

I want to know why you are so secretive with your phone number.

I want to know why your daughter is 14 and has never been interviewed or go to YW's" Well I just ignored him and there was this long silence that seemed to go on for hours but the one guy you can tell he must be a rookie started tying to talk to my youngest about his xmas presents.

I do not know if it is my daughter's illness that has made me so focused on how full of shit religion is or if it is just coming out of the cult that has done it but I just asked him when he looked at me waiting for an answer " DO you have a warrant?"

Can you quote me the state law that requires me to answer you?" ---again long silence.

He said "excuse me ?" I said no you are not excused - you don't even know me I have NEVER been to your ward.
I do not owe you jack shit of an excuse.

I told him of our plan to resign and I let him know I felt he was totally disrespectful.

He said well here is my number have your husband call me. WHICH of course he won't.

Oh I am so upset at myself that I did not just lay into him.
I had so much I wanted to say because I knew I just knew that someone was going to show up. I feel like screaming FOUL after the game!!! Has anyone ever felt like that before ?

I guess the most important thing is that we are resigning and we have in GREAT detail explained to the kids old enough to understand why we left.
I even showed our 14 year old the temple video on you tube with the penalties. I do not want some smooth talking return missionary to ever sweet talk her with the "MAGIC " crap. I just bet he wants to interview our 14 year old. PERVERT!!!

I want you to know that this is the first time we have EVER met these people. WTF is this seriously why are we so important to them.
They do not even know us and if they did certainly would not find us worthy to speak to.

I know it is pointless to try to make sense of them but honestly I don't get why our lack of attending in the few months we have lived here is so important. We are just one family.

Never have been that active and only held one "important calling" ever between the two of us.

I share this woman's outrage.

What the hell are people like this thinking?

I know not all Mormon Bishops are asshats like this guy, but this is an example of how power and authority go to the heads of men who are not up for the challenge. Who does this guy think he is?

Again, I point out that anyone called for a position like this should have formal training on how to treat people, relate to them, and how to direct them to authorities if necessary.

Here is another topic I found upsetting:

My soon-to-be ex-wife's parents gave me the gift that just keeps on giving. The 'Shaken Faith Syndrome' book.

Signed by DW's parents and even MY parents who live out of state and haven't spoken with me since I announced I would be resigning from the LDS church.

Wife says there's still a chance for me to fix this if I'll repent, go to the Bishop with my concerns, and allow the 'spirit' back into my life.


I opened the package wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper to find a Smithmas card with testimonies from her parents, my parents, wifey herself, and other less-connected family members sharing about how happy the gospel has made them.

I remained silent. Everyone stared at me, awaiting some kind of spiritual intervention that would somehow manifest itself - after all, the spirit testifies of truth, right?

I was speechless. 'Have any of you read this?' I asked. 'No, no. We bought it for YOU to read.' replied my father-in-law. My mother-in-law quickly chirped, 'It has all the answers to those questions you've been thinking about.'

I grabbed my coat and keys. Left the book on a table in the dining room.

I heard my mother-in-law whisper to someone, 'Well, that's rude. He didn't even stay for dinner.'

I ignored it.

I enjoyed a quiet drive back to my home.

So, here I am at home. Writing to tell you about my wonderful Christmas present.

Dear, God.

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Sexism Video

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More Mormon Funnies...

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I found more funnies from Salamander Society today, and I thought I should share them. After all, what good is laughing on your own? Not good. Not at all.

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It's My Birthday, I'll Pig Out If I Want To!

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Okay, so my birthday is officially tomorrow, but I couldn't stop myself from enjoying my birthday breakfast today.

I am weak.

Very weak.

Especially when it comes to Belgian waffles, REAL butter, maple syrup and frozen whipped cream on top.

So good.


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