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I was just replying to a comment left on WindySydney about being able to trust the men that Latter-day Saints claim are prophets... it got me thinking (dangerous, I know...).

If God were to pick someone to restore his gospel and church, why would he choose some of the past LDS Prophets?

Joseph Smith was caught in more lies than you could possible imagine. His bank failed, causing the life savings of many Saints to *poof* in the night. He lied to his wife about taking on multiple wives, and told many of these wives to keep their relationship secret (in other words deny and lie about things if they were asked). He lied to officials regarding the practice of polygamy in the church... If I remember correctly, there are quotes of Joseph shaming the people who dared to accuse him of polygamy given at the same time when he is now known to have many wives...

Why would God, an all-loving and all-knowing deity, choose a man who was convicted of crimes to lead the church? Why wouldn't God choose someone that actually stood a chance of convincing people he was an honest person?

Some of the prophets never once openly claimed they had received revelation from God about a new doctrine or way of life. Why would we consider these men prophets of God if they have not proven themselves first? Why are so many people willing to just accept that they speak with God?

Do you know how many people in the world go out to convince themselves and others that they are somehow chosen to be the mouthpiece of the creator? Why dismiss them and assume the righteousness of the person who happens to be leading the church at the time?

If we assume these men were prophets, and not worry about the actual proof that they received revelation, we should then take the word of every other person out there who claims to be a prophet.

They get a free pass.

If a prophet of God says something (Brigham Young stating that polygamy or plural marriage were necessary to reach the Celestial Kingdom and it would "always be so") that later turns out to be hogwash, we should look at that closely, right?

I don't believe in prophets anymore.

I don't believe in my soul that God would choose one person to communicate with in this way and judge people if they didn't follow or believe that person. Especially if that person was proven to lie and commit crimes like Joseph Smith! Of course we should question him!

Done rambling now!



  1. Kelly Says:

    I am still scratching my head as to why God would chose an immoral man (JS) to be a representative of Him. Wouldn't someone with that power humble himself instead of abusing his "power" with others?

    And why can't a prophet ever be a woman? (not that I believe in living prophets either)...but I am not sure how some women put up with living as second-class citizens and not question it, whatever religion that may be.

    I have a lot to write on this matter, but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet...LOL

    I love your photography by the way, Andee!

  1. Andee Says:


    I couldn't agree with you more!!

    I don't understand why God wouldn't choose a woman to be prophet either! Of course, it's convenient for the men to claim that God only wants certain priesthood powers and callings to males just to they can constantly be in power.

    I just want to walk into Relief Society one day and shake some sense into these women!

    Frustrating, isn't it?

    Thank you very much for the compliment on my photography! I am still very much a novice, but it is definitely a passion.