Censored! UPDATE!

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Please check out this post on J. Michael Wiltbank's AMAZING professional photography blog for an update on the photos he took for his final project.

Also, take the time to look through his work. Its very inspirational for a self-taught wanna-be photographer like myself! All I can say is... WOW.

Looks like BYU caved under the pressure.

I really think this has a lot to do with Chad Hardy's fight for his diploma. They refused his certificate after participating in the graduation ceremony because of his "Men on a Mission" calendar and his excommunication. They claim he violated the honor code...

If that is the case, why did they let him participate in the graduation?

If you would like to help Chad Hardy's fight for his diploma (that he EARNED HONESTLY... something the church should honor.. don't you think???) please go to www.chadhardy.com and read about his fight. As you can imagine, the church has unlimited funds to fight things like this for years... Chad doesn't have that kind of money. He has a set of amazing lawyers on his side, but he can't fund this by himself. You can make donations for his legal defense through paypal, and you can forward the website to people you know that might be willing to help him out.

I personally believe that the BYU honor code has a ton of people looking very closely at it at the moment... including lawyers and reporters. As soon as they realized they couldn't get away with censoring this project, they caved.

Just my humble opinion.

I don't believe for one split second that there was a "miscommunication" as they claim in the press release. Please.

I am glad the photos are back up, because the project is an amazing idea... and executed beautifully.



  1. maybemaybenot Says:

    Andee, thanks for the update; I've been following the story closely.

    Good news! Bishop Higgins has returned from the dead. His most recent posts are hilarious - be sure to check them out.

    Your big fan and serious supporter,


  1. Andee Says:


    I love me some bishop higgins!!!

    I even leave him love notes...