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George Smith has written a book detailing the polygamous relationships of Joseph Smith and other church leaders in Nauvoo titled "Nauvoo Polygamy ...but we call it Celestial Marriage." He tells the truth, which is very refreshing, about the women, ages and stories of how he went about marrying these women.

The Salt Lake Tribune wrote an article about this book, and the masses have come out in the comment section to debate the information. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were happy that the truth was coming out, and how many people are eager for the church to own up to the lies it has told in the past.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I was 28 before I knew Joseph Smith took plural wives. I guess they just forgot to teach it in seminary. Jesus wanted him for a sunbeam. -Gladstone

thank goodness that Joseph Smith is being portrayed as the horny imposter that he was! Hopefully George Smith's book goes into how the Book of Mormon was NOT inspired by God, that it contains things (such as crops, metals and animals) that DID NO EXIST in the time that the BOM supposedly was written about, and that the BOM was actually copied from a novel that existed at the time that Joseph Smith, "with the help of Angel Moroni, the urim and thummim and the golden plates", wrote the BOM! A look at the documented website willl reveal to you the falacies in the farce called the Book of Mormon! -WeeWilly

he did (in the truest sense of Americanism) destroy a printing press, found a church as himself not only the leader but prophet, president, and some say "king".
He raised a small army, had a vigilante group that would run his fallen followers out of town on his whim, married other mens wives when they were on missions for his church, lived a secret polygamous life, married a 14yr old, as well as a 58yr old, and lied about many of the wives to his first wife.
He wrote a book while stuffing his head into a hat, decided that Mississippi is where the garden of eden is located, (or was it Missouri?) and bankrolled his exploits through the "holy" law of tithing that happened to come into existence well after the founding of the church. -Goonsquad

J.S. was a sex addict and a sexual predator. His subjugation of women, his lying, his cheating and his lack of any integrity has set the stage for what Utah is today; the fraud capitol of the U.S. -celt

There is also a fantastic debate between tribalksense (TBM) and mama23 (I assume an ex-Mormon). It's worth reading!!



  1. Demand More Says:

    The whole thing just creeps me out. Im so sick of hearing the excuses for why it was okay. Just, well, eewwww.

    My heater isnt working an my house is only 63 degrees! Im freezing! At least my kids think it is fun to camp inside the house, it is the only way I can keep them wrapped up. I hope that furnace guy comes soon!

  1. Andee Says:

    Dude! Brrrr....

    I hope the guy gets there fast, too!


  1. The Marcheses Says:

    I want to read this so bad.