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An online friend sent in his resignation letter to the church five months ago. He hasn't received his confirmation that his resignation has been processed, and he is sick and tired of waiting. He went to his old ward website to see if he was listed in the ward directory. Guess what? He was.

At this point he had an idea that might speed up the process of resignation. Here is what he did in his own words:

I'm so frustrated with the Morg because although we resigned almost five months ago, we have never received a letter to say we are out. I believe that they got our resignation, but we can still log into our ward site. Now, someone said that it might be more than one database, and so it will take some time to get our names off all the church stuff - but five months!?! Come on!

So, I took the matters into my own hands a little. Did you know that you can change some of your information when you log in?

I now reside at the address: Joseph Lied

My current city is: The Book of Mormon is Fiction

Did you know that the above city can be found at the Holy See? Well that is the country I currently live in!

Oh, and the name that I prefer to be called is: Marry a 14 yr old like JS

When you click on the ward directory, this is now in place of my given name.

I think it would be great if the print a new stake directory with my updated info!

Hilarious!! Well done, Carter!



  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Did you tell him to phone the HQ and that they'd expedite it ASAP?

  1. MotherToMany Says:

    Yeah I was a bit jealous of Carter's idea. I would have loved to have done that to our listing before we left, LOL!