On This Day In Mormon History

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If you haven't made your way over to WhyMormons.net you are missing out. The website is amazing, and there is tons of information regarding the church... I came across "This day in Mormon History" under the "LDS History that would shock your Mormon Grandma" section. Here are some of my favorites... for the full list, click here!

  • Oct 30, 1843 - Brigham Young's diary states: "Monday evening Baptized Sisters Cuoub [Augusta Adams Cobb] & Hari[e]tt Cook." Two days later Joseph Smith marries these two women to Young. Augusta Adams Cobb married Henry Cobb of Boston, Mass., in 1822. She left him five of her seven children to join with the Mormons. Her husband divorced her in 1847-- four years after she married Brigham Young.
  • Oct 21, 1973 - First Presidency letter urges 78,800 Mormons in Washington state to vote against referendum to allow nineteen-year-olds to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Aug 23, 1908 - U.S. immigration officials send nine Mormon immigrants back to England because they admit belief in LDS doctrine of plural marriage.
  • Aug 23, 1982 - President Spencer W. Kimball is photographed with Brent and Charlene Ashworth with Mark Hofmann's forged "Lucy Mack Smith letter." The photograph and others are used extensively by the church to publicize the letter. At the meeting Kimball genially asks Ashworth, " Are you giving this letter to me?" Asworth replies, "I'll see that you get a good copy of it this afternoon."
  • Apr 7, 1854 - Heber C. Kimball preaches at General Conference: "The Plurality of wives was established & many of you have fought it & you may fight it until you go into your graves & it will still be the work of God & will Continue to be to all Eternity."
  • Apr 7, 1861 - Brigham Young preaches, "If a woman is sealed to a good man she should be satisfied & attend to her own business & let her husband alone & not be watching him all the time. Women are sealed to men to bring forth Children & not to gratify passion & much was said upon this subject"
  • May 21, 1969 - First Presidency letter allows LDS servicemen in Vietnam to dye the regular, one-piece, temple garment to match green color of military-issue underwear.
  • Mar 21, 1857 - Apostle Wilford Woodruff writes in his diary: "I bought an Indian boy of Brother Willis this morning abo[u]t 6 years old. His Indian name was Saroquetes. We call him Nephi. He appears like a smart active good boy. I paid $40 for him."