Nope... No Mind Control Here!

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As a follow-up to my mind control book report that I wrote last week, I thought I would share some quotes from Church leaders that make me cringe in hindsight. I came across these excerpts from an article written by Elder Robert Oaks titled, "Believe All Things," published in the Ensign.

"For us, to 'believe all things' means to believe the doctrine of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the words of the Latterday prophets. It means to successfully erase our doubts and reservations. It means that in making spiritual commitments, we are prepared to hold nothing back. It means we are ready to consecrate our lives to the work of the kingdom."

These few sentences are evidence that the church leaders are telling members to "erase" all negative thoughts about their church and leaders. That statement could have easily been said by David Koresh to his followers in Waco, Texas. To ignore things with an opposing view can quickly turn into a very scary thing.

"We are instructed be like children, who are willing to be taught and then to act without first demanding full knowledge."

Holy Crap.

So, if some nut-case leader asks us to shave our heads and quack like ducks we should just do it? No ask questions? What if they asked you to do something like murder a group of settlers trekking through Utah? Oh, yeah... they already did that...

"The more we believe, the easier faith-based obedience becomes. Hence the value of believing all things."



  1. Anonymous Says:

    When it says, "Hence the value of believing all things," it proves what incredible hipocrits they are because they say this, but then spend so much time making sure that their "flocks" only believe the things THEY WANT them to believe. Which as we all know, does not include the true church history and even current happenings within the church hierarchy. Once again, this is the church trying to have it both ways. Sorry guys, life just doesn't work that way.

    Michelle S.

  1. Mere Says:

    Oh sweet suffering Jesus! This sort of crap make me sick. I always wonder what the TBMs I know would do if the prophet came and asked for their daughters a la Smith or some such and now I know.


  1. Andee Says:

    It's amazing, isn't it?

    I also love it when the TBM commenters keep from commenting on posts like this.

    C'mon guys... tell me this isn't mind control at it's finest!!! PLEASE!


  1. The Marcheses Says:

    "We are instructed to be like children, who are willing to be taught and then to act without first demanding full knowledge."

    Anyone who believes that never worked with 20 3year olds. They always ask WHY, WHEN, WHERE, HOW. Even my little sister in law corrected my TBM FIL once about something he said, saying "No, daddy, that's wrong and that hurts people and you would make Heavenly Father very sad!".She was 6 at the time. He was making a reference to disowning his kids in the event that they became gay! Lol! Little kids aren't stupid!