Completely Random, But I LOVE This!!

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I have to share this... I love it. Love it, Love it, Love it.

I was browsing through some of my favorite creative websites and I came across this photo set of a wedding on Once Wed. In case you haven't seen the website, it's worth your time. Even if you are not getting married, there are TONS of amazing creative ideas for everyone to use when they are entertaining.

Zach and Leann (not sure if their last name(s) are mentioned on the site) shared their photos of the unique wedding they had.

It was a wonderfully creative wedding... here are a few of my favorite shots...

And the one thing that made me want to share this...

Her SHOES!!!


Who would think to do something like that? It's awesome! It gives the entire attire a new and fresh look, don't you think?

Great stuff...


  1. The Marcheses Says:

    That is so cute! Their wedding looked like it was fun for everyone involved. Usually thinking about weddings gives me a headache.