Magic Underpants

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How weird is it that endowed Mormons wear special underwear? It's truly bizarre...

One of my online pals lives in a state that has very few Mormons. He was telling some of his never-Mormon co-workers that he had stopped wearing the "magic underpants" and it actually took him about three full minutes to convince his co-workers that he wasn't joking. They thought he was using "magic underwear" as a metaphor for "not drinking the kool-aid."


Church undergarments are really bizarre.

I am not saying this to insult the people who read this blog while wearing undergarments... I am just stating my opinion...

Here is the thing...

If God really wanted people to be reminded of the covenants they made with him, and respect those covenants, why in the WORLD would He pick UNDERWEAR? There are so many better choices! How about jewelry of some kind? But underwear? Come on!

The faith-promoting stories about temple garments are numerous and extremely hard to believe. My favorite is the guy who gets in a car accident and is burned everywhere except for the places on his body where the garments were covering him. I remember asking my YW teacher why the man wasn't saved from the burns on the rest of his body as well? I mean, the guy is covered in third degree burns, and you think it's a big deal he wasn't burned everywhere?

To think that any kind of clothing (especially underwear) gives you special blessings and saves you from harm is really crazy to me. I would love to see a scientific study done on this... maybe some believing members of the church would be willing to volunteer for a study on the effects of these garments?

Yeah, I don't think it will happen either.

The whole cult aspect of this jumps out at me now after reading Steve Hassan's book, Combatting Cult Mind Control. Many groups ask their members to wear certain clothing or even require body modifications to constantly remind the person that they are a member of the group and not an independent person.

Why in the world would God want people to wear funny undies?

Oh, and a quick message to the lovely TBM folks... it's not just because we as humans can't understand His ways. It's not something that we need to wait for, or understand when we reach the afterlife. This is something we should have answers for... now.



  1. Seth R. Says:

    Fine. I now expect your next post to tackle how stupid the Sikhs are for practicing the "Five Ks."

    And how dumb Orthodox Jews are for their undergarments.

    I'll be waiting to hear all about it.

  1. Andee Says:


    If my blog pisses you off so badly, why on earth do you keep coming here to read it?

    Do you really think that you are going to say something to get me to change my mind? What is it?

    It just seems as if you come here and comment with one-liners and argue...

    Oh, and for the record, I think that God requiring anyone to wear certain undergarments is evidence that they are not thinking logically. That goes for every religion...

    You seem to forget that this is a blog about my leaving the Mormon Church, and not a general anti-religion blog (which is a good idea because I don't think religion is healthy).

    Merry Christmas

  1. Seth R. Says:

    Relatively speaking, this blog really doesn't piss me off that much. If it did, I wouldn't bother.

    But it does bring out the ironic side of me on occasion. Some days you get me in better form than on others though. Part of it is just that I find the ex-Mormon thing interesting and frequent a lot of post-Mormon blogs.

    Glad to see you're an equal opportunity sort on the religion thing. At least it's a consistent position.

  1. beachlady78 Says:

    Most LDS just wear them to have to wear them. AND the bid fact is that they "dont mind" and love to wear them (not kid you NOT, LDS family members can tell if you are not wearing them. My ex got take into the other room to have a talkin' to. They can see the lines and even feel the right spot on your shoulder or leg. IT'S creepy. My ex FIL even told me if I did not want to dispose of them properly, (cut out the markings and burn them) He would do it for me! Yuk, man! Geeze.. LOL!