Better Dead Clean than Alive Unclean

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Yesterday I was incredibly touched by a story shared on and For those who don't know, is a new website devoted to gaining attention to the way the church handles sexual abuse within the church as well as certain teachings within the church hurt so many people.

It needs to stop. If you are interested in adding a story or becoming a member of, please check it out. It's a fantastic cause, and we need to be proactive in stopping this as soon as possible.

Back to the topic...

A woman using the username Ruth Unrestored (very creative, I love it) shared the story of being drugged and gang raped when she was young. I can't imagine dealing with what she has gone through. I have nothing but respect for women who deal with this every day. It would be so hard...

When she went to the church for help, she didn't get it. Instead, she was greeted with comments that she should have fought to the death to protect her virtue. Her bishop even told her to read "The Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball, wish leads members to believe that they should rather be clean dead than alive unclean. It implies that someone who is abused, raped or harassed sexually is part of the problem.

Ruth Unrestored didn't do anything to cause what happened to her, and it's insane that a so-called Christian religion would make her to feel more guilt and shame. It's sick.

The logic in blaming the victim is beyond me. Not only does it make no sense, it punishes the victim AGAIN.

Getting over something like this is hard enough... why do they want to add more to the problem? How DARE they add more to the problem?!

This woman really touched me, and I hope her story is read and her story makes a difference in stopping this mode of thinking. She is incredibly brave, and she really put herself out there.