Pure Evil

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This is a 100% true story. I wasn't there when it happened, but the story comes from a fantastic source and I trust him. He is a fellow apostate/sinner/tool of the devil at work, and we swap stories every once in a while. He walked up to me today with a smirk on his face and he told me he couldn't wait to show me something that he had picked up during the day.

He was assisting a customer in the store, and the customer was a complete bitch. He used these words to describe her:

  • Rude
  • Arrogant
  • Annoying
  • Bitch
  • Evil (evil is my favorite)

My friend explained that the customer needed something mapped out for her, and he needed to draw her a picture. The woman complained and moaned that he wasn't being super-duper helpful (he was trying!) as she searched for a scrap piece of paper from her wallet/purse. She handed the scrap paper to my friend and huffed impatiently.

He finished assisting her, and she went on her merry bitchy way. It wasn't until she left that my friend noticed what was on the other side of the scrap paper she had given him. I would love nothing more than to scan and copy the image on the blog, but that might not be wise... there are tons of phone numbers and names on the thing that could cause a bunch of hell for the both of us, so I will just type the important parts for you all... plus, my scanner is having issues. Here are a few choice gems from the copy of the note he gave me (yes, he gave me my own personal copy because he knew how much I would enjoy it!):

  • "My faith did not come to be because of science and I will not let science destroy my faith."
  • "Stick to your task till it sticks to you."
  • "Work will win when wishy washy wishing won't." -Monson

At the bottom of the paper there is a small reminder that the customer from Hell needs to give a talk soon for the young single adults.

What is wrong with people?

First of all, this lady was a complete pain in the ass from the moment she walked into the store until the moment she left. She was ugly. I am not talking about physical appearance when I use the word ugly, I am talking about personality and the way she treats others.

The fact that she was asked to give a talk in church, and carrying around notes from church kills the both of us. Does she even know what Christ-like means? Nope. She is a part of the one true church, so she gets a free fucking pass to be a bitch to everyone she comes into contact with!

The second thing that gets to me is the quotes themselves. Especially the first one...

"My faith did not come to be because of science and I will not let science destroy my faith."

That is what I like to call a "thought-stopping" phrase. It doesn't mean much. It just makes the person discount the FACTS and EVIDENCE that might just prove their belief system wrong. Science=bad. Church=Good. It's not a cult. It's not a cult. It's not a cult.

Science doesn't need to destroy your faith. There are plenty of people who believe in science and still have a belief system of some kind in the afterlife and God. I don't know how they do it, but they do. Personally, I can't seem to decide whats out there... and thats okay.

I would love to know how these people would feel about science if science came to save their lives or the lives of their children...

I would love to know how these people would feel about science if they were attacked (God forbid, I don't wish that on anyone) or someone in their family was killed. Would they discount the DNA or other scientific evidence if it would put the guilty person behind bars?

Science doesn't lie.

The church does.



  1. purple-goat Says:

    Talk about hypocrisy. Just mind-boggling.