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I have always had a hard time with the way my Mormon friends and family assume I have something I need to confess, and that is the reason I left the church. They are assuming the worst of me just because I don't buy into the scam anymore.

For the record, as I have stated a million times before, I am a good person. I don't even drink or smoke. What exactly is it that they think I need to confess to? I am really curious. Maybe they think I am sleeping around with random men, or sleeping with my roommate. Maybe they think I am gay (nothing wrong with that, but it's not true... nor is it something anyone should feel they have to 'confess' and repent for).

If I *did* do something wrong, the last place in the world I would go to would be the office of a Mormon bishop. Here's why...

These men have no training. They don't take classes or receive counseling on how to handle extreme situations. They rely solely on their spiritual promptings from a make-believe Holy Ghost. Sometimes protecting their priesthood holders is more important than any justice an abused person might receive.

A couple weeks ago I read an account of a young woman who went to her bishop for help regarding sexual abuse. Her brother would go into her room at night and subject her to unspeakable things by force. Her bishop told her to forgive and forget, and the police were never contacted.

Why in the world should anyone confess anything to a person who feels they have the right to rule the guilt or innocence of a person just on their feelings alone?

Imagine for a moment that a man was called to be bishop for his ward. He was a golden boy his entire life. Eagle scout, mission, marriage in the temple. He prayed, paid, and obeyed. He didn't exactly struggle with extreme situations in his lifetime. He always had money, food, and a place to live.

Now, imagine someone who needed to confess something to this man. Maybe they felt guilty for something as simple as not paying a full tithe, or not following the word of wisdom. Maybe they fell in love with a non-member. Does this bishop have enough personal experience with what this person is going through? Does the bishop understand what it's like to walk in their shoes? Probably not.

What this comes down to is this:

Bishops are just regular Joe's who happen to get called. One day they are your neighbor and friend, and the next day you are suddenly supposed to spill all your deepest and darkest secrets to them. It's crazy.

If I ever have anything to confess or repent for, I will talk to someone who can actually help and not just offer the advice of praying, reading scriptures, fasting, and forgiving.