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An online buddy of mine was just visited by her local bishop. She had sent in her resignation letter during election time, and she has waited patiently for her request to be honored. She did receive the normal, "This is an ecclesiastical matter..." but then nothing.

She waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Then, out of the blue, her bishop knocks on her door. She was surprised to see him, his visit was totally unexpected (is there any other way for a Mormon to knock on your door other than that?) and she opened the door to see what he wanted.

Bishop Asshat greeted the friend, and went on to state that she needed to sign some paperwork in order for him to process her resignation. Here is what happened next in her words (used with her permission):

It's the Bishop and he says he needs me to sign a form for my resignation.

Only he doesn't, he just wants to go round and round about the church and how I can't possibly know what I'm doing by resigning or I wouldn't be doing it.

He was being a douchebag and I did finally pull the plug on the conversation saying this really isnt going to go anywhere but maybe I could drop in on him during homework time when his house was a mess and he hadn't had time to collect his thoughts and we could discuss it further.

SO - he says to resign I now have to 1) write him a personal letter stating specifically that I know what I'm doing. 2) He sends it to the Stake President. 3) Stake President sits on it for 30 days. 4) There's some bullshit form that he will have to bring by for me to sign personally. Oh and he added a 5) which was to accept a BOM from him with a personal letter to me and how he hopes I'll live to regret this action.

Now I'm breaking out in hives, imploding, sitting on the floor, shaking, hyperventalating, etc. My husband is out of town, I've got two small children who need to get their homework done, Valentines finished, put to bed, etc.

Jesus Christ! This ####### ####### church. I only wish they made converts jump through half the ####### hoops to join the ####### thing. Gah! I have no Xanax and I don't even live by any other exmos!


What an unbelievably arrogant thing to do.

This is a quote from a PostMormon source for resigning from the Mormon Church...

The bishop (or someone else) says ...:


  • WRONG. If you've sent a resignation letter that states that it is your formal resignation from the church, and that it was effective immediately, you do NOT need to sign anything else and you don't need to write a new letter. You do NOT need to agree to any interviews and you don't have to accept phone calls or visits to your home. YOU are in control now, THEY have no power or authority over you, they are just guys who belong to a church you USED to belong to. If a baptist or JW came to your door and said you NEED to talk to them, would you feel you have to agree to that? NOT. Same thing applies here. These guys are no longer YOUR leaders or anything. Don't accept any phone calls, visits or invitations unless YOU want to. It's YOUR choice, not THEIRS. They are going to keep acting like they have some power or authority over you as long as you allow them to. Please don't do that, or they'll try the same thing with the next person who resigns. Please be assertive, be courageous and take a stand.
This is so out of line I can't even see straight!

He has the nerve to tell her she has to write him a letter? Hello!!!! She already did!

As soon as someone signs a resignation letter, they are legally out of the church. If he doesn't honor her request she should really contact a lawyer and the media. They have no right to behave this way.

I would call Church headquarters and let them know that his a-hole is making up things as he is going along. Mentioning the press will really get them moving. They are in a public relations nightmare as it is.



  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    I waited for about 3 months and then finally called HQ, and they got my official "you're not Mormon anymore" letter in the mail the next day.

    She should call the HQ, talk to member records, tell them what ward and the bishop's name was, and tell them that you know this behaviour is illegal, and they'd better start controlling their bishops or something ugly will happen.

    They may just listen.

  1. Andee Says:

    She is going to contact Greg Dodge today at membership records. I am glad she is. I can't believe what an arrogant asshole her bishop is.


  1. Peter Says:

    I marvel at the number of people who have referred to this douchebag as an asshat.

  1. Andee Says:


    They call it as they see it...