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Well, my baking fascination has led me to puff pastry. I was scared, because there is so much that can go wrong. I did well!

Well, I was a little over-confident after the pastry turned out well... I decided to try some white chocolate whipped cream...

Unfortunately, I goofed and didn't fold the ingredients correctly.

My white chocolate whipped cream looks like cottage cheese, but it tasted wonderful!!

The fresh raspberries were fantastic as well...



  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Did you make the puff pastry from scratch?

    I've a great recipe that uses puff pastry. You bake squares of the pastry (like you did here), and then put slightly stewed peach slices and grapefruit supremes in the middle, and then you top it off with a sauce made from simple syrup, the reserved juice from the grapefruit and vanilla. It's amazing. I think there may even be Chantilly cream on it too. And garnished with fresh mint.

  1. Andee Says:

    I did!

    It was hard because I am impatient and you need to keep everything so cold.

    By the time I had the pastry ready I didn't want to take the extra time with my whipped cream. Hence the cottage-cheese-catastrophe. I should have tempered the cream a little more and let the white chocolate cool a little more before I folded everything together.

    It wasn't bad tasting, though.

    Your recipe sounds amazing. Simple syrup? Another thing I need to learn!!!

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Nice. I've never tried to make it from scratch, and yours looks great.

    Simple syrup is, well simple :)

    It's just 1 part liquid to 1 part sugar. In this case, juice + water to make 1/2 C, and then 1/2 C sugar which you then bring to a light simmer for a couple minutes - until the sugar is totally dissolved. You can make regular (just water + sugar), or any flavour (especially good with fresh fruit juices). It's great in cocktails and dessert sauces.

  1. Andee Says:

    We NEED to bake together.

    You could teach me so much.

  1. purple-goat Says:

    You guys are making me hungry. :)

  1. Andee Says:

    Ugh, you would think after the amount of baking I did today I would be full as full could be! Instead I am daydreaming about Craig's recipe and how good it would taste! He certainly has skills in the kitchen!

    Ugh, the more I look at that photo with the whipped cream the more I hate it. It looks slightly disgusting. It wasn't gross, but it certainly looks "blech!"

  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Well, I do try. Not everything I make turns out the first time (especially with baking) so I have to practise just like you do :). Patience is always good though. And how anyone ever cooked or baked anything before the internet, I'll never understand. Looking up techniques and recipes on the internets is so handy.

    What I like to do is combine ingredients that might not be traditionally combined (like grapefruit syrup and vanilla) and see if it turns out. I found that vanilla and citrus go amazingly well together - especially lemon and grapefruit - even though they're very different, strong flavours.

  1. Maelstrom Says:

    Great, here I am staring at my monitor now and giving sideways glances to my eggo waffle as I drink my coffee.