Post Mormon Articles of Faith

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This photo has nothing at all to do with ex-Mormon articles of faith, I took it yesterday and I love it!!!

A friend of mine on shared these articles of faith he wrote for himself. I rather enjoyed his point of view. My personal articles of faith would be slightly different, so I will spend some time tonight revising them for myself...

1) We believe all religions to be the work of evil men, used to coerce, manipulate and control people and no matter how altruistic their beginnings ultimately decay into greed, power and control.

2) We believe in living in a home free of religious thinking and in encouraging an environment where our children learn to think for themselves.

3) We believe in establishing boundaries that ensure our own right to privacy, our own belief system as individuals and grant that same right to all others.

4) We believe that man makes mistakes which aid his process of learning and that making mistakes is a vital and necessary part of life.

5) We believe that religious indoctrination is brainwashing and no child should be subjected to it until they are of legal age.

6) We Believe that the practice of "Bearing your Testimony" is a form of brainwashing.

7) We believe that guilt is used as a tool of manipulation and control.

8) We believe that God is no respector of persons and values all people equally regardless of gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc.

9) We believe that God grants no authority or priesthood to man and that man needs no intercessor between him and God.

10) We believe that all topics are acceptable and worthy of discussion but in doing so all people and viewpoints must be respected. Disagreements are allowed and encouraged, and cannot be refuted using faith based claims. ("God said so" is not a valid argument)

11) We believe in living a life of integrity, first to ourselves and then to all others.

12) We believe that many religions teach good things but no religion provides ultimate truth and to live our lives based on the "truths" of such religions diminishes our own lives.


  1. Jessi Says:

    Can we add "if they so choose" to the end of #5? =P