Bypass Your Intellect and Other Videos

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Yet another video from Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort trying to get people to ignore facts and "think from the heart."

Don't listen to your head, folks. Pray for that discerning spirit witness.

You know, if I were to sit down and pray to a God and ask if a banana were a prophet and I got a warm and fuzzy feeling about it, what would they say? Of course they would say I was out of my mind... but of course, they are not. No. They are right.

I laughed my ass off.

Did you know that every day people die?

No shit, Sherlock.

Also, is it me or did finding Christ kill Kirk Cameron's acting ability?

Guess he wasn't all that talented to begin with.

He sounds like some door to door salesman... oh wait... he kind of is.

If Atheists ruled the world (fundie nonsense):

Painfully Stupid Prop H8 Commercial:

Televangelist Gimmicks & Free Offers


Televangelist Scandals in the '80's


Colby the Christian Robot


The end of the robot video is HILARIOUS.

All the kids get together and dress like robots and sing about being robots. How true. How true.

One of the comments left on VideoSift asked the question, "Why is everyone wearing so many shirts?" Ahhh, the 80's. It was a simple time.

Christian Man Fired For His Intolerance. Watch the loser whine:

Think whatever you want Christ-follower, but why do you feel the need to express your religious beliefs at work?

He shares the argument that he was being harassed because one of the managers would talk about her future wedding to her partner. Christian boy is offended by this and thinks he has the right to tell other people what to say around him? If this dude's manager isn't allowed to talk about her female fiance, no one should be able to talk about their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.

Would I walk up to you and tell you how much I disagree with many things in the Bible and consider them immoral? This guy is a first-class douche bag.

Bible Truths

That dog listened to rock music. Guess all dogs don't go to heaven, huh?

Preaching about Piss


I... just... um...


The Complete Guide to the Future!


Holy Shit these people are fuck-nuts. :/

And Finally...



I had to add this: