YouTube Murder/Suicide

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Remember a while back when I posted about VenomFangX and his religious antics and trouble with the law?

Well, I just found out that Anthony Powell, a fan of VenomFangX, killed Asia McGowan (20) and then turned the gun on himself inside a classroom at Henry Ford Community College on 04/10/2009. It's pretty strange considering I have been watching the videos he posted and I couldn't help judge the guy because he was soooooo messed up regarding his thoughts about atheists. He calls us "tools of Satan, monsters, demons, and sub-human monkeys." He wanted to get a group of Christians together and kick atheists off of youtube.

He goes on and on about how atheists are ignorant and wrong... that we need to be stopped... and then he goes out and kills a woman and then himself?

Asia was a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her. This is one of her videos from her YouTube Channel:

I am not sure if this shooting had anything to do with religion, I don't think it did. I think that Tony might have wanted more of a relationship than Asia. I do have a feeling that fanaticism had a lot to do with his mindset. His videos are full of rants about how he feels the world should be (not unlike my blog, I should mention). At one point he complains that women need to respect and support their husbands (he actually uses the word King).

I'm not really sure where I am going with this to be honest... It's just strange and sadly telling IMO.

People who are so indoctrinated in any kind of religion lose the lack of ability to see reality. They look at life through a filter... this filter can be full of hatred, and it can hurt innocent people.

I hate religion.