God's Test?

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Let's pretend I have a belief in God for the sake of this post...

Okay... God sends me to earth to learn things. I don't know what those things are, but I believe He has a divine purpose of some kind that I just don't understand yet.

In order to learn, you have to ask questions... investigate. You have to examine things from all angles and see what makes the best sense.

That being said, what if God's "big test" was to see if I could use my brain and common sense and realize that all religions were a bunch of horse dung?

What if being an atheist or learning to think critically is the lesson we are supposed to learn?

Think of it as a job interview. God wants people who took the time to study and think for themselves. Would God hire the religious sheeple or the person who came prepared with knowledge. Would God hire the person who treated people nicely only because they feared God or Hell, or would he hire someone who treated people nicely because it was just the right thing to do?

Weird thought I had...



  1. TGD Says:

    What if God's "big test" wasn't really a test but a boot out on the street so that we would learn self sufficiency and stop running back to him for all our little winy problems. LOL!

  1. Andee Says:



    Hell, if I were someone who created the earth out of nothing and magic I would want the occupants of that world to learn to take care of the earth and each other. Not bother me constantly with food blessings and prayers for pointless things.

    Maybe God (again, not that there is one) is up there cheering on the atheists for using their minds and not being sheep!!!

    Thanks for the comment ;)

  1. Maelstrom Says:

    I wish the test were eating a 48oz steak dinner to get it for free and your name on the wall.

  1. Andee Says:

    Oooh, if we want to play what we *wish* the test would be that could be a fun game.

    To be continued...

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Listen, If you don't stop questioning god, or spreading the word that he does not exist, than you must have something you are scared about. Stop worshiping obama, and think real hard.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    God sending us to Earth only to learn that we shouldn't rely on a god seems too ... human.

    I don't see why a god would care anyway.

    Or maybe we are an experiment by such an advanced being that has nothing else to do but play "god" and try things out. Think Sims :).

    I still blame the aliens, but that's just a funny musing.