So Stupid It Hurts

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First, lets watch this clip from FOX "news." I prefer to call them faux news. Damn, they suck.

Okay, so lets take a look at the details here.

At the very beginning one of the anchors says, "You started chemo, but you *ALSO* started praying to a specific person."

Notice how they downplay the chemo right from the start?

It wasn't medicine and science that saved this woman's life, it was a miracle.


That isn't a miracle. People can survive cancer like this, it isn't likely but it's possible. The fact that one woman got better is good news, and I am happy for her... but that isn't a miracle.

A miracle would be Jesus coming down and curing ALL cancer.

Maybe thats too much...

How about just the kids? Yeah... the kids with cancer? How about Jesus and God heal those people?

Why did God cure her and then allow thousands of other people to die of the same thing? What made her special?

Give me a break.