Fundies Say Scary Things

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Finally, someone has taken the time to collect all of the religious mumbo-jumbo-atheist-hating-Christianity-loving-idiot quotes and put them on the internet.

Warning... some of these quotes might make you pee your pants, and others might make you swear out loud. You hath been warned.

Quote# 68040

[re: my boyfriend raped me]

Somehow I don't think the temporary inconvenience of being raped by your boyfriend can compare with being pounced on by thugs (for no reason at all)

Yeah, wow...

Being raped is just a temporary inconvenience? It's not something that scars a young woman and re-plays in her mind over and over again? It doesn't cause her emotional pain? No? Just an inconvenience?

Yeah... the boyfriend doesn't deserved to be pounced on by thugs for something like that. I agree. He deserves to be raped by a group of thugs.

Yep. I said it.

Quote# 68035

*why teenagers in religious areas have more babies*

Lets see. These kids are exposed to the same over sexualized pop culture as any other kids in any other region. They have more babies which indicates ONLY that they do not abort their children at the same rate as teens in other regions.

The inference the writer wants to make is that more sexualization leads to fewer teen pregnancies. No. More sexualization leads only to more abortions at younger ages not to teens forgoing sex entirely.
Oh, yes.

It makes perfect sense that those of us who don't believe in God or belong to a specific religion are just getting tons of abortions. It's nothing to us. It's just a fetus. We don't care. As a matter of fact, we BBQ the fetus in a party to celebrate not having Jesus to mess things up for us.

Maybe... just maybe... this has something to do with abstinence-only sex education?

The sooner people realize that their precious little Ariel isn't going to wait for marriage the sooner she learns how to protect herself from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease.

Abstinence-only sex education is a JOKE.

Quote# 68005

[On Dick Cheney's Gay Daughter Giving Birth]

These so called great grandparents are the very 2 people that helped produce a lesbian daughter. They also believe in same-sex marriage. So those poor innocent children won’t have a chance to escape the homosexual web of deceit. There can be no truth about God in that household. Very sad.

Holy Shit.


You believe in holy bullshit.

First, let me mention that Dick Cheney isn't one of my favorite people. He ordered people tortured, he was behind a CIA Agent losing her cover, and he seems like a real asshole. The only thing I like about the guy is that he loves his daughter unconditionally.

Is that a new word for you?


Look it up in a dictionary and read the description. You might have to do that a couple times so it will sink in. It seems as though you have a hard time determining fact from outrageous assumption.

Do you know anyone who has "produced" a gay child? You might be surprised. Maybe your brother or sister is gay, maybe one of your parents is gay. Maybe your Sunday School teacher is gay.

If it's horrific to you that these kids "won't know God" that is just your opinion. An opinion from a person who doesn't know them, their parents, or their personal or religious beliefs. The only thing you know is that they are different and therefore wrong. Honestly, I feel bad for gay children born into families like yours, because then they are never free to be who they really are, and that has to be really horrible. You should work on being more accepting.

You know whats sad about your pathetic comment? You claim to have the moral high ground yet you sound like one of the most evil people I have ever had the displeasure of running into on the internet. Really. I read one small paragraph from you and your ignorance, hatred and idiocy scream "I AM AN IDIOT BEING CONTROLLED BY CRAP AND I CAN'T THINK FOR MYSELF!"

Ask your Dr. if Paxil is right for you.

Quote# 67978

I'm getting to like Sarah [Palin] more every day: She looks and talks like the rest of the normal people in America, and whenever she opens her mouth another hundred or so liberal heads explode.

I'm guessing the libs hate her with such passion because she's a regular American, capable of debunking just about all of the talking points they aim at the drooling, uneducated union goons and community activists. She's not "properly educated" in the minds of the ego-centric leftist propaganda aparatchiks in the formerly main-stream media, and she was a highly effective administrator as Governor of America's largest state.
HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha.........


Highly effective? What is your IQ? I'm curious. :>

Quote# 68434

Very offended by the recent advertisement. How dare they suggest we celebrate what we want? This is a Christian nation.
This country was not founded on Christianity. Far from it. Our founding fathers were quite clear when they stated that there should be a line between church and state. Just because your bishops, priests, pastors and religious nuts say this is a Christian nation, doesn't make it true.

The United States of America is what we like to call a melting pot. Do you remember that from elementary school? People from all over the world come here for a better life. All colors, all religions (or non-religions) and there isn't one person that is more important than another. You don't have the right to tell people that your religion is better than theirs, tell them that their children should pray in public school, or vandalize atheist billboards.

The most Un-American thing to me is when a US Citizen bitches and moans about people coming here from other countries for a better life. I agree that they shouldn't do this illegally, but it seems as though anyone who doesn't speak perfect English is treated like shit.

Know what?

Where are your ancestors from?

If your ancestors were *not* Native Americans then you have zero right to bitch about this crap. If you think people who are different than you should have to conform when this country specifically states that you are FREE to be who you want to be then *you* are an un-patriotic bigot. Read this paragraph three more times. Let it sink in.

Freedom isn't Christian. Freedom is the ability to believe what you want as long as you don't inflict those beliefs on others. It's not that hard of a concept. Really. It's not.

Quote# 68041

I watch the real news channel and thats FoxNews! Obama is trying to implement the abortion factor in hospitals to where if you are not going to assist a Dr. in an abortion, then you will lose your job! That is obsured! and it dumbs down the freedom of religion factor in the constitution! He does not defend the constitution nor does he defend the United States of America! He isnt even black! He is mixed!

You are stupid and you shouldn't be allowed to watch television. You also shouldn't be allowed near a voting booth.

Obama is not trying to implement "the abortion factor" (whatever the fuck that is... is it some O'Reilly spin-off?) in hospitals. He is trying to get health care out to the people in this country who need it. The poor.

Freedom is a funny thing. You see... Obama isn't going to put you on a bus and force you to have an abortion, is he? You have the FREEDOM to not partake in his health care plan. Why you are so against other people having the ability to make that choice for themselves is beyond me.

Health care has nothing to do with religion. If a particular procedure doesn't coincide with your religious beliefs then DON'T HAVE THE PROCEDURE. You don't get to make that decision for the rest of the country because you think you know what Jesus wants.

Also, what the FUCK does the color of his skin have to do with ANYTHING? Makes you seem a little racist.

Quote# 68014

The plane that crashed in New York (Hudson) river. Some passengers prayed. Others read the flight safety card. Guess which was more useful?

I'm going for the praying as the plane did not sink and no-one lost their lives and no injuries were reported. Everyone is hailing it as a miracle, against all odds etc. The flight saftey card would have no power over the stability of the plane in the water, etc., etc.

Thank God for those that prayed and thank God for protecting all of them. God loves us all, even if we all don't love him.

I would think that the people who read the flight safety card knew exactly what they were going to do when the emergency slides sprang out. If you spent your time praying how would you know what to do? Oh, thats right... you would have to listen to one of those heathen-non-prayer's instructions to safety!!

Funny how that works.

Funny, if God was to thank for saving the lives of the people on that plane (and not the well-seasoned pilot who happened to be an experienced glider-pilot) why is it that God had them crash in the first place?

People love to say that God answers prayers, then they say God has a plan. Well, if God has a plan, why the hell do you pray? His will will be done, right? Regardless of your feelings on the matter? He knows what is going to happen and he doesn't step in... at least that is the answer I get when I ask the following questions:

If God is so great, why do newborn babies die?

Why do children starve all over the planet?

Why doesn't Kirk Cameron fall down more?

The people on that plane were saved because the pilot knew what he was doing. The plane was in the right person's hands that day... and I am not talking about an imaginary sky-daddy.


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Humanity looks for patterns.

    We tend to be victims of incorrect correlation.

    Understanding of cause and effect is hard to find within humanity.