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I know I will be asked about abortion in a few emails, so let me just put this out there...

I believe in a woman's right to choose what is right for her. That being said, I don't think I could ever have an abortion personally. Each situation is different.

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Yes, this is surely what happens to people without the Mormon Gospel. :(

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  1. The Original Anonymous Says:

    Ah, the typical "Oh one can't live a happy life if one isn't in touch with religion and god".

    It is possible obviously. Children in the most religious families who were still strong with their religion go awry. Religion is just good at wrangling poor souls who feel the need to be dominated and enslaved.

    The one video points out that one's life has no meaning without religion. But this brings me to something that I have been conflicted about. Life has meaning, and biologically, we exist to promote our lineage -- our genes. One may argue that according to Biology, we are selfish and wish to desire to eliminate other gene lines from the pool in order for ours to reign superior.

    But more and more we realize, with our evolved brains, that there is more to life than staying alive. We have an advanced culture composed of so much invention. We realize, through science, that we are ultimately of one line. We have grown past the simple biological urge for the continuation of one's line, but we still struggle with our basic meaning of life.

    In the end, but what many have not realized, is that our new purpose is to continue the human race itself. Any one person can give their individual life meaning, through religion or another contrived ideology, but one cannot argue that that is our true purpose, although not absolute.

    That doesn't make religion meaningless though. If anything, you can think that religion, in a positive light, is just another philosophy a human can live by -- an ideology to unite under. It is hard to remained organized without one common idea present in life.

    The argument that one's life cannot have meaning without religion is invalid, but the argument that one can live without a ideology of any sort is not true. A life with no personal philosophy is meaningless.

    With the right religion or philosophy, it is not a matter of what is right or wrong in terms of existence of a god or not.