Chick Tracts

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A long time ago my Mom got a Chick Tract about Mormonism.

It was full of bullshit, and that is coming from an ex-Mormon who has plenty of problems with the religion and it's teachings.

Mormonism is sexist, racist, and homophobic at best. It's not something I like and it's certainly not something I want to be associated with.

However, the comic, The Enchanter, is absolutely messed up.

Basically, in the comic, a man is murdered for leaving the Mormon Church and since the police chief is the local bishop there is no way for her to prove that her husband didn't commit suicide. She then phones a friend, a true Christian, for help and advice.

Christian man helps the Mormon widow and shows her how to be saved, and in the process explains to his friends how Mormonism is evil. Here are a couple screen grabs of the comic:

These are not the best examples of the crap they throw in with Mormonism, but they are the only screencaps I had available on their website. I almost wish I had a scanner so I could upload the entire comic.

This is an example of someone blurring the lines of truth and reality to get people to join their faith. Something the Mormons know a lot about, if you ask me.

It's going from one BS religion to another. It's leaving the lies and untruths and joining another group of people with different lies. How pointless.

There are more chick tracts that I find just as disturbing. They are not shy about telling people that they will not go to heaven unless they believe exactly what they are told. For example, look at this comic titled, "Flight 144" that teaches us about serving your fellow man and how that isn't good enough to be saved from Hell...

Wow, what a loving God they believe in... huh?

It's not any different with children. In this "Happy Halloween" tract, a little boy is run over by a car after visiting a haunted house (after his mother told him not to! Demons are out in full force on Oct. 31st! What in the name of the Holy Lord was he thinking???) and his crying friends who witnessed the accident are told that their friend didn't go to heaven.

This, my friends is fanaticism at it's best.

Lets write lots of comic books aimed just to scare people into conforming to our beliefs! Yeah! Sounds awesome!

How about this for bullshit?

Soon, this drunk has a heart attack and almost dies... he is then saved and turns to Christ:

This is comical to me.

Not as comical as these satire chick tracts, though!

Isn't God great?