US Troops Trying to Convert Muslims to Christians

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This is a report from AlJazeeraEnglish about Christian Evangelical US soldiers going out and trying to convert people from their strict Muslim faith. This particular video was made in May of '09, and it demonstrates how arrogant people of ANY religion can be.

I won't even go into the whole reason why I think we should be out of both of the wars (like... yesterday) and I won't even go into politics in general.

The one thing I want to talk about is the arrogance that these soldiers were showing in the video. They clearly knew that they were breaking rules by passing out Bibles printed in different languages, so they worked a way around it. They were simply giving "gifts." They were not trying to convert, they were just trying to have a conversation. How many other lies can they tell themselves to make their actions okay in their minds?

Let me write out one of my favorite quotes from Bill Maher's New Rules after the Taliban released Chinese missionaries that were kidnapped:

Walking into Afghanistan with a Bible and a cross is like crashing a party at Jay-Z's house and popping on a Kenny Chesney CD.

"Once they hear my music they will change their minds about what good music is!!! Come on!! It's the Chez-nut!"

If you want to get people to believe in your particular religion, make sure your God can do something really really cool. Like not let you get kidnapped.

Religion makes people so stupid.



  1. Lynne Says:

    Glad you're back and blogging.

    Don't get me started on the stupidity of religion/religious people. Since husband, children and I left Mormonism, my mother and sisters have gone Molly, peppering their speech with "we've been blessed. . ." and "the Spirit prompted me. . ." and instead of time and distance being a healer, things seem to get worse as they begin to see that penguins will ice skate on the moon before we'll come back to church.

    I'll be back.

    Lynne aka hartlyn