Sylvia Browne

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I can't believe I ever believed this woman. I watched her on Montel, I bought her books, and I daydreamed about being able to pay the $700 for a 20 minute psychic reading so I could hear from my Dad on the other side.

I believed because I wanted to.

It's the same with religion. I believed because I wanted to.

The world is full of people who are jumping at the chance to convince you of things in order to gain control over your actions and to get your money. There are not enough skeptics.

Notice how Montel sticks up for her and offers explanations of how Sylvia might be correct? This is what I equate to apologetics.

Parent: "She wasn't shot."
Sylvia: "Something hit the chest."
Montel: "Here... let me offer a way that makes Sylvia right... maybe... it's a possibility..."

Skeptic: "Joseph Smith was marrying women in secret!"
Church: "Joseph Smith was a wonderful prophet and restored the gospel."
Apologist: "He only married those women because God wanted him to!"


Telling people that their missing loved one is alive when in fact they are not is pure fucking evil. To tell them that she was in a mental hospital somewhere in Orlando when in fact the woman was murdered? These are peoples lives she is messing with here! All for the almighty dollar.

Look at this woman. She is broken hearted about her son. Who wouldn't be? But to lie to her her face for publicity or money? Lower than low.

Many of her fans say that she doesn't charge for the readings on the Montel show, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get paid. By going on national television and convincing people that she knows how to communicate with the dead she is creating an audience of people who can't wait to buy her latest book, join her "church" or pay for a $700 reading. The argument that she volunteers to do readings like this doesn't hold much water when you look at it from all angles.

Sylvia's fans will believe that she is a psychic until they open their eyes and pay attention. Members of the Mormon church will remain members until they open their eyes and pay attention. To most of the faithful, there is never enough evidence to convince them they are wrong.