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Check out this comment that was just left on my "God's Test?" post...

Listen, If you don't stop questioning god, or spreading the word that he does not exist, than you must have something you are scared about. Stop worshiping obama, and think real hard.

So, you came all the way to *my* blog to tell *me* what *I* should do and say? Who the hell do you think you are? A Christian? Typical. This is America. A free country where you can say what you want to say. It's called free speech. Did you learn about that in school like I did? Look into it, it's great. You also might want to look into the evidence for evolution. It might surprise you.

Last time I checked, there was zero proof of any God existing.

If you have PROOF then please reply with it. I am all ears. Go on now... what evidence is there that a creator exists at all? Looking forward to the reply.

Now, for the worshiping Obama thing?

I *don't* worship Obama. I do think he was the best of the candidates that ran in 2008 and I voted for him (proudly). I don't agree with everything he has done in office, and I don't think it's possible for anyone to like EVERYTHING the President does or says. One thing I do know, is that he is a hell of a lot better at the job than George W. Bush. I do wish that Obama would do more about getting our troops out of war and more to save the environment.

Are you one of those nuts who thinks Obama is the anti-christ?

How about *you* think real hard. Get back to me.


P.S. Seth, if you read this I will be trying to reply to your comments tomorrow at some point. I have been kind of busy with my plans for world domination. ;)


  1. Maelstrom Says:

    I know this isn't a new thought but I still find it curious that the most hate filled and intolerant people are the ones with the most religion.

  1. Andee Says:


    When you are so convinced you are "right" you end up acting soooooo wrong. -Bill Maher

    Another reason that if a God existed He would not be proud of any of these so-called churches.

  1. Maelstrom Says:

    haha, can you imagine..

    God: "Ahh, I'm so proud of my flock. Look at them torment and murder the non-believers. Well, whatever works..."

  1. Andee Says:

    Ugh... no kidding!

    God: "As long as they are worshiping me, I don't give a flying shit how they treat others. I am their Lord and they know it. Praise me!"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    In regards to zero proof to back the existence of a god, what confounds me the most is that there is an equal, opposing side to that -- that there is no proof that a god doesn't exist.

    The path of the agnostic always seemed the most correct to me when we live in a universe with no true absolutes. Science will admit that every supposed fact is at its root, a theory.

    There is no proof that we exist like we view we exist. How do we even know the world around us is real? What is real? The senses can be fool, and so can our minds.

    If we agree with Descartes, then if one thinks, they are real... then whatever they think ... is real to them.

    So in the end, there is no real way to prove to anyone outside of the individual that anything is real or true or absolute. God may exist to one but not to the other.

    In the end, everything is belief because there is no way for us to ever know if anything is real according to our definition of reality. To go around proclaiming that such personal beliefs are in fact absolutely true and getting angry/militant/etc is philosophically unsound.(I am not accusing you of this by the way)

    That is what has bothered me about the radical ends of the spectrum.

    This is why, philosophically, I prefer Deism or Agnosticism. One says that there probably was a god who created everything but then let it run its course, and the other says that we can never know as we are only humans and such knowledge is unfathomable. We can't even comprehend what caused the Big Bang, or the cycles of Big Bangs and Big Crunches. We only understand existence from an begin point to an end point.

    Then again, there is no harm in calling one's self an atheist. If a deity were to exist, it would not be the deity portrayed by Christianity, for humans can't understand a being with the ability to create the universe. That deity wouldn't be bogged down by human emotions. We cannot apply human terms to such an immense being.

    Atheists just have a tendency of becoming what they despise -- the religious fanatics. Every ideology can become harmful, self-deluding, etc. It is not just religion. Philosophy, government, lifestyle, diet, business, relationships -- all have the potential to harm.

    The problem is not religion. The problem is humanity and what we do with an idea we really, really like.

    I used to think religion was the biggest cause of war in history, but in fact, one could say government (in vague and strict terms) has killed more and made one lives miserable. In the end, every major ideology has its similarities.

    Has it ever dawned upon you that corporate business, government, and religion are so eerily similar after you think about it? It is power that humans crave and it has manifested itself into several forms. The flux between intelligences among man have given rise to these human constructs in order to create leverage, pull, and ultimately control. It is our human nature -- back to the creation of family, tribe, and village. It is our primal natures still running a muck in advanced society.

    These will be things that will never go away until we evolve. So far, these traits have served us "well". They are still around and many across the gene spectrum do this, one way or another. In won't be going away for a long, long time or until we all come together and force ourselves to stop it.

    Sorry if I wrote too much, but each idea leads to another that all intertwine. I don't care if this makes you realize anything or not, it doesn't matter. I just like informing people of this because most never look this deep.

    Thanks for reading :). I'm sorry if I seem to criticize you. I'm not attacking you if that's what you think. Although I do not completely agree with you, I see where you are coming from.

    Oh and thanks for being a light in the storm in this lovely place we like to call Logan. Mormons are so funny.