Abandoned But Not Forgotten

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I found an interesting website called Abandoned But Not Forgotten.

People from all over the place take their cameras and investigate abandoned properties, sometimes breaking the law while doing it. Some of these places are really cool, like abandoned toy factories, jails, even mental hospitals. The photos are spooky. Here are a few of my favorites. Don't forget to check out the website. You will be surprised at what you find!!

UPDATE: I was contacted by the photographer of the first two photos in this series.

His name is Michael Brown and you should check out his other work!


Dixie Square Mall in Illinois

The Elysium Assisted Living Center in Florida (one of my personal favorites)

The best group of photos I have seen thus far is definitely Norwich State Hospital in Connecticut... This is an old abandoned asylum and the photos are well done. They give me the creeps.

Finally, here are some shots of the abandoned Baker Hotel in Texas:

Edited To Add The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky!


  1. David Says:

    Holy F-ing creepy, but like a good car accident, I can't stop looking.

  1. Andee Says:

    I know, David. I can't stop checking for updates on the website. Something about these places completely fascinates me.

    I remember a long time ago I posted some photos of abandoned amusement parks and some shots of chernobyl. It's so scary that people were there one minute, and the suddenly gone the next. Sometimes food was on the table... eeek.


  1. Michael Says:

    The two photos at the very top of this post from Dixie Square Mall belong to me and were taken by me in January of 2008. Can you please post a link to my website, and make a notation that they came from there? I did not give ABNF permission to watermark my photos and claim they are theirs.

    Thank you,
    Michael Brown

  1. Andee Says:


    I am sorry if the photos upset you in any way. I am a photographer as well (although clearly not as talented as you are) and I would be upset as well. I will be more than happy to create the link for you.

    You are a talented guy! I daydream about visiting an abandoned place like this and taking amazing photos like you did!!

    I am so jealous. :)