My Latest Addiction

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You guys are going to think I am morbid. I'm not. Really. Well, maybe just a little.

I have been going to the forums of for about a week now. Oh, I know some of you are thinking, "My Death Space? Is Andee turning into one of those emo goth types that talks about death all the time? Is Andee cutting herself? Has she officially turned to the dark side??"

Nope. :)

When I first came across it was when I was looking for information about someone I knew that passed away. A simple google search prompted me to click the link of an article that included a link to my friends' myspace account. The people discussing the death of this friend were not disrespectful in any way, quite the opposite. They were commenting about the life he lived and hoping he rested in peace.

It prompted me to look at more articles. There are thousands of names, some you will recognize from television court shows (like the recent case of Brittanee Drexel missing from Myrtle Beach on spring break) to regular Joe's like you and me. A link to the deceased person's myspace page is usually included and that gives a huge glimpse into the life they led. Looking at their pictures, the pictures of their pets, their family, their friends... they become real and not just names you see in the obituaries.

The people in the forums discuss everything from missing persons cases to strange myspace profiles to fraud. Take this case for instance:

Missing Sisters Found; Girls Use MySpace To Fake Abduction
STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- Authorities in DeKalb County found two missing sisters who disappeared from their father's Stone Mountain apartment complex Saturday.

Authorities said Denesha Steib, 14, and 6-year-old Savannah Henderson were found safe Sunday just before 6 p.m. at a friend's house.

Family members said the girls sent messages through
MySpace, a popular social networking website, saying they had been abducted and held against their will.

Family members said the story was a lie.

The two girls disappeared Saturday from their father's apartment on Stone Mills Way after being told by an older sibling that they could not leave the apartment.

Authorities said Steib took her younger sister and left the Stone Mountain location around 10:00 a.m.
Detectives actively canvassed the neighborhood.

The children have been taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Holy crap, right? What the Hell?

This also caught my eye. This was written when the creators of MySpace decided to do a full investigation on sex offenders using MySpace to find more victims.

The website is very interesting for crime buffs like myself. If you get bored you might want to check it out :)

When I die, I hope my myspace page ends up on the list. Whenever that is...