Photo Update Time!

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have been going through some things on the personal front. Don't worry, I'm fine.

This morning I woke up at 3 am and could not fall back asleep. I have been suffering from insomnia for about 10 years now, to the point that taking Tylenol PM before bedtime is pretty much habit. This, of course, is horrible for my liver, but no sleep is horrible for Andee. If anyone has any suggestions on cheap remedies to fall fast asleep, I am all ears!!!

Around 6 am I decided to go for a long walk... and I took my camera with me. I thought I would share some of the photos I took and get feedback on them as well. I will throw in some photos I took during the week, too. Roomie says my photos have taken a "dark" turn. Is he right? Hmm... maybe.

Oh, and I save my favorites for last...

My favorite pizza joint.

Brick. I love brick. When I am wealthy (I can dream, right) I want to have a brick wall in my kitchen.

Same photo but two different edits... I couldn't decide.

The Logan River

I wanted to buy this trunk, but they were closed. Shame for them (and for me).

My favorite antique shop! Of course it's closed on Sunday. Stupid religion ruining everything!!! :)

Yet another brick building photo with a window. I take lots of these, don't I? It's a sickness.

This is an old photo, but important because it's showing you the exterior of the "White House."

This is the inside of the "White House." When I walked by this morning I was shocked to see that one of the windows was bashed in. I took a good look through the window, snapped this photo and then left. Last thing I want is someone to assume I am the one who broke into the place!

I drive by this building nearly every day. The blue window is awesome. I love it.

I love it when the sprinklers help you out with the whole morning dew look...

Abbey Road is in charge. Just so you know.

I took this photo back in October, but just recently found it buried in my computer's hard drive. This is my sister-in-law, Charity. Isn't she pretty?

The sun was so bright in this shot! I really like it.

Vintage Spring Flowers...
I was playing around with editing tricks.

This is so beautiful. It would be cool to have a bunch of kids running down the street with balloons or something to really make a statement... where am I going to find a bunch of kids like that? Hahaha... certainly can't pay 'em!

I don't know why I buy the cats toys. They prefer stuff that can easily be found for free. Take this, for instance. Spooky Bear prefers this plain old cardboard box to the kitty cat tree we bought her from PetSmart. She even eats in her box. I am thinking of painting something on the outside of it and naming it the "Kitty Cat Hotel."

Finally, these two photos are of outdoor cats that belong to my neighbors. They are both very friendly, and awesome in their own special way... I will let these photos speak for themselves!!!

Look at those eyes!!! So blue! No camera tricks or editing AT ALL!!! I was so surprised when I met this little creature. She's beautiful :)

This guy lives on the second floor and he likes to hang out like this and meow at people. He's so cool... He looks like he is stuck there, huh?