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I just checked my email and found this in my inbox.

I would like to address the person who sent it to me...

Dearest Asshat,

Are *you* serious?

I am not sure what makes me sadder, the fact that you are participating in an email campaign to limit the chances of an AMAZING singer just because he is gay, or that you are a bigot and you will never truly understand what it is like to accept people for who they are.

Adam Lambert has more talent in his pinkie finger than most of the people on the Billboard 100 list. Don't get me wrong, I haven't cast any votes for anyone this year. I haven't really been paying too much attention... but it is clear from the videos I have seen online that the guy could walk away with a recording contract and millions of fans.

Who the fuck cares if he is gay?

What does that have to do with anything?

He isn't a gay singer in a straight singing competition, he is a singer in a singing competition.

Asshat, let me ask you a quick question...

Would it be okay if people started an email campaign against someone because they were black? Because they were Hispanic? Because they have blue eyes?

Of course not.

I really don't understand how you can't see how bigoted and self-righteous you are by even CONSIDERING being a part of this campaign.

Frankly, I don't care to talk to you anymore or exchange emails with you. I am not going to sit back and keep my mouth shut about it, either.

I'm not friends bigots.



  1. Devin Says:

    My wife thinks he is gorgeous... but then she might be a fruit fly :)

    Thank you for your passionate defence of human rights and kindness. I can say that these types of attacks definitely played a role in me leaving the church. I couldn't stay and still have integrity.

  1. Peter Says:

    in a few years, everyone who acted like this in regards to homosexuality will be viewed with the same contempt as racists, sexists and other bigots.
    There is no need in the world today for anyone to be biased or prejudiced against another person for reasons such as this. There's plenty of room for everyone to be who and what they wand to be.

    Thanks for the post, and I love your response.