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I have a thing for crime blogs. I love keeping up on current events, but there is something about the legal system that fascinates me. Will they find the person responsible? Will there be an arrest? What kind of evidence do they have? What are the motives?

Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman

Chris Coleman has been arrested and charged with the murder of his wife and two children. Authorities claim that the victims were found in their own beds and they died of ligature strangulation.

Chris claimed that he left the house around 6 am to go to the gym just a short distance away from the house. He said he tried calling the house to make sure his wife and children were getting up and ready for the kids' school day, and when he didn't succeed in getting anyone to pick up the phone, he called the cops for a welfare check on his family.

The cops arrived and gained access to the home. They found Sheri, Gavin and Garrett dead in their beds. There were also messages written on the walls in the home with red spray paint... saying things like "Punished" and "I saw you leave."

Investigators took their time and made sure they had enough evidence to make the charges stick before they arrested Chris Coleman for the murder. His story was more than fishy, and people quickly learned he had a girlfriend who worked as a hostess at a strip club in Florida. Also, Sheri's name was taken off the deed of the home in October of last year. Sheri's family and their legal team are not sure if the signature on the document was actually hers.

My gut tells me the police have it right. His story doesn't add up, and there is more evidence pointing at him every single day...

What scum!

How can anyone even CONSIDER choking the life out of their family members in their own beds? Those poor boys probably saw the person who killed them, and they were probably as surprised as you could possibly be to see that it was their father.

Chris Coleman deserves a scum of the Earth award. Here are a few more people who have no soul... These stories are courtesy of The Dreamin' Demon website, I didn't write them, that credit goes to the author of the website. Hope they don't mind me sharing a couple paragraphs... be sure to check out the website for more of these disgusting crimes and the stupidity of the criminals that committed them. Oh, and until they have been convicted of the crime, I would like to insert that yes, they are innocent until proven guilty.

We all have those things we’ve done that we hope our kids never find out about. Usually its something pretty minor, underage drinking, maybe some pot use, sex before marriage, etc. Little things that kids do and teens tend to get in to, but nothing major like let’s say, kidnapping and rape. Right? If Quinton Young was trying to hide his predilection for those sorts of activities from his kids, he failed. Miserably. Read More...

Sometimes, a nosy neighbor really comes to the rescue. Jennifer D’Silva’s neighbor heard her baby crying, obviously long enough to become concerned. She went to D’Silva’s home and knocked on the door…no answer. The neighbor recalled seeing D’Silva leave at about 5:30 a.m., and it was now 7:30 a.m. Was it possible she had left her infant alone? Nooo…ya think? Read More...

What do you like to do for fun? Read a good book? Take in a movie? Collect belly button lint or scraps of twine? I’m sure there are a million things a sane person could do to entertain themselves. Ryan Wesson isn’t among the sane. To entertain himself, Ryan likes to swing…. babies. Read More...

Tamra Leasure, 43, has been charged with the shooting death of Arthur R. Tilley Jr., 57. This actually happened back in March, but Tamra is just now being charged with the crime. During an argument between the two, Tamra shot Arthur. In the head. In the neck. In the torso. She then placed the gun in his hand, called 911 and reported a suicide. Why it took a couple months to charge Tamra I have no clue, but I am sure that investigators figured out pretty quickly that Arthur probably didn’t shoot himself three times. Arthur had been living with Leasure for a few days before the incident. After admitting to the crime, Tamra stated the third shot was not necessary.Read More...

Scum. Pure. Stupid. Soulless. Smelly. Creepy. Insane. Scum.



  1. sagehill Says:

    They just did a story on the local news about a man who stabbed his daughter to death because she ate a dinner roll that he asked her not to eat. People are scary!!!

  1. Andee Says:

    Holy Shit.

    Over a dinner roll?

    What is wrong with people?????