More Abandoned Photography...

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Wow, I think I have found my calling. I want to go explore some abandoned place and take TONS of photos!!!

I came across these photos taken by Kendall Anderson (an amazing photographer). I hope Kendall doesn't mind me sharing some of my favorite shots. If you want to buy the prints or see more of Kendall's work, click here or any of the photos. You won't be disappointed.

These photos are from Anderson's trip to the abandoned Whitby Psychiatric Facility...

The Patient's Cottage

Main Kitchen

The Library

Doctor's Cottage


Creepy and cool. I love it. I have to find a place to explore around here...



  1. Chester Says:

    For many years the old Silver King Mine in Park City was "open" to people and was one of the coolest places to visit. When I say "mine" I really mean the large abandoned building on top of the 1200 shaft (sealed off of course). I was able to get some pretty amazing pictures over the past few years, but last year I found out they shut it up again so you can't get in the building anymore! I keep hoping someone will have the balls to rip down the aluminum siding again...

    I'll post some pictures of it on my blog. Maybe on Abandoned Photography too.

    Cool pics! Nice topic.

  1. Andee Says:


    That sounds like soooooo much fun. I am wondering if there are any abandoned places in Cache Valley I could snoop around? I will have to put my google search to work.

    I'd love to see the photos you took!!