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Some of these videos are larger than I want them to be, but blogger won't let me change the formatting for some reason or I just don't know how. It bugs the shit out of me but I will have to deal with it. Sorry, peeps!


Since coming to the realization that Joseph Smith was a womanizing con man and that Jesus is just as fictional as the Easter Bunny, I have found so much pleasure in watching people preach and interpret the bible on YouTube just so I can laugh at them.

One of the most infamous Christians on YouTube went by the name VenomFangX. I use the past tense because he has since shut down his YouTube Channel and his personal website and is now dealing with personal problems (the law). I thought some of you who had never heard of this guy would get a big kick out of his antics and how he was caught being a big fat fraud :)

I have posted videos from Laci Green on the blog before. She is freaking awesome, and an ex-Mormon like myself. This is an exchange between Laci (atheist) and VenomFangX (Christian):

That seemed pretty pleasant, nice, and to the point... doesn't it?

This is the beginning of the debate. Laci asked about the Bible:

I love how he called the Mormon Church the "Church of Satan" and couldn't stop himself from going there even though Laci's former religion has NOTHING to do with her questions about the Bible.

Notice how he acts? I don't mean how he behaves... I mean how he ACTS. He is an actor playing a part... and not very well.

Other YouTube Atheists called Venom out for his comments:

Here he is proving that satan invented evolution!

Here he is discussing Halloween:

He really likes playing dress-up:

And like most Christians he believes that the Earth is 6000 years old:

Honestly, when I first started watching these videos I was wanting to believe (desperately) that Venom was putting up brilliant satire.


People from all over the world started to take note of what a dumbass Venom was:

Venom got pretty peeved with people using clips from his videos to use in response to him. He started filing false reports about his copyrights to his videos. He was forced to put this up on YouTube after realizing he could be in trouble for his actions:

Later on, Venom decided to start his own ministry and asked for money from his YouTube Subscribers and supporters with videos like this:

Then, suddenly, VenomFangX went *poof*

Then he came back!

...but not for long.

Those who followed the entire mess on YouTube took the time to explain his actions to others (and him) dprjones being my favorite:

What. A. Tool.