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My father was an amazing man, I talk about him often.  We were very close, and cancer took him away from me much too soon.  

Many of the people he worked with decided to dedicate a building in his name, and this is what my Mom wrote about him.  It's fantastic, and I wanted to give it space on my blog.  

All names/dates/locations have been erased for my internet safety...

It is with great pride and honor that my family and I accept this wonderful dedication and memoriam on behalf of such an honorable man.

Shane loved this town and how could he not? All of his good memories were tied up into his growing up years here; attending schools, working, and raising his family.  It was home and he cared about this people and this place. 

When someone you love passes away, you receive alot of beautiful sentiments and sympathy cards; and our family was no exception. But there was one card I remember that I set a part from the rest; because it wasn't a sympathy card, it was a "thank you" card. It was thanking Shane for giving THEIR son such a wonderful start in the field of sports. How like my husband to leave his mark in every corner of his world. Shane enjoyed coaching; especially when our kids were little. Whether it was baseball, basketball, soccer or later on being a referee for the Jr. Jazz, he really enjoyed it. If you were on his team, you learned the value of hard work, team work, and everyone had a chance to play. 

When thinking about this, it reminded me of the time when they first made that road that connects now well-traveled streets. Well, after they got that road all done and the grass was growing real nice on that one side, the council decided they wanted some trees planted. The big question at the time was who was going to plant these trees...?? Well, a light goes on in Shane's mind and he says: "the scouts..the scouts can plant the trees, they can earn some merit badges and come with me, and we will plant the trees." All of us who have lived here, probably already know that when the weather man says it is going to be breezy in SLC or in St. George, that means it is going to be gusting at about 50 mph in this town...that is the kind of day it was, when Shane left his office clothes in his closet, put on his grubbies, and went out with the scouts to plant the trees. I passed them off and on during the day, but it was later on in the afternoon when I went way out into our backyard that I could see Shane and all these little boys over there on that new road planting some trees. And the wind was fighting them every step of the way, tumbleweeds flying all over the place and they were trying so hard to tie those little trees down to where they would stand straight and tall and not sway back and forth in the wind...well, despite their hard efforts, the trees along that road didn't make it. Between the deer and the bad weather that fall, they didn't come through. But there is no doubt in MY mind and I am sure in the minds of many parents here, that during the course of that day, Shane taught young boys how to be young men. How to stand straight and tall, and in the face of any storm, not to sway. 

Shane was quick to make friends with new neighbors, and once he did, I knew that there were would be a Friday or a Saturday where he would be laying someone's carpet, putting up a shed or a deck or something..but if you had Shane for a neighbor, you had a good friend. 

And then there is work. Seems like no matter where Shane worked, whatever job he had, whether it was down at the tankfarm, housing, or later on working here in the Contracting Office..where ever he worked, he would not settle for less than doing his very best. It was always a hundred percent and then some.

And with his good ideas, practical jokes, and sense of humor, many of his co-workers became like family. 

One day, Shane went to Stansbury Park to put up a fence. Now, at the time, I didn't know whose fence it was. Anyway, he spent the day and then came back and I said "well..that was nice of you, are they going to pay ya?" He smiled and laughed at me and said "No..no..no..Vickie, I work with Richard and he would do the same for me." So, during Shane's early illness, this office all took turns with friends and family to take Shane in to radiation for almost 7 weeks. They picked up medical supplies and there were cards, gifts, letters and visits everyday. I remember at Christmas time they all came up to help me and the kids put up the tree and when I tried to thank them individually or collectively, they would say: "Vickie, forget it. Shane would do the same for us".   

While Shane could still be up and about alittle, the office brought up his computer and files so that he could do some work for them from the house.  For this, we were all grateful; the office, Shane and his family because it kept his mind keen and alert and broke him off the regular routine of his day. I knew that Shane was going to have a good day when after he got up and medicine, feeding and everything was all done, he would say "walk me to my computer; the office will be here at 3:00." Of course, there came a time when Shane couldn't sit up for very long anymore, and he was laying in bed when his friends from the office came up to take his computer
and work things out of the room. He waited until they were gone and then he looked at me and said "There goes work". Those three words, "there goes work", I believe, was one of the first of many things that put my husband face to face with the reality of what he was dealing with. Because aside from his family and extended family, this building, this people, and this work, was his life. 

With this in mind, my family and I are wishing for those of you who will be working here, many, many good things. May you cultivate good friendships, may there be alittle laughter within these walls, and may all your works be in the integrity and high ideals of the man who walked these halls not so long ago. 

When cancer took Shane's voice away, he did alot of writiing and sign language to communicate, but voice or no voice, my husband always had the last word (BIG SMILE). Those of you who visited him in hospitals and up at the house will remember them. I feel it is only right and fitting that Shane should have the last words today. So to those of you who are responsible for this wonderful dedication, to those of you who have traveled so far, to the Community,  Workforce, friends, family and coworkers,

I love you.

Thank you.


  1. Demand More Says:

    Thanks for sharing that. I hope people can say things even half as nice about me when I'm gone. He really sounds like he was an amazing father, husband and friend. I really think he would be proud of you for starting this web site and being involved with signing for something, you really are helping people. I hope you don't mind me saying that, I just think he would be.

    When I think of good people that have died I always think there MUST be an afterlife of some sort. How can such an amazing personality and so much energy that person brings to life just be gone? I like to think that I will see my family again and I know if I do it isn't because of some wacked out religion I followed.

  1. Demand More Says:

    On another note, has anyone heard from Flat Lander/ Andrew lately? I was hoping he would let people know if he met with his bishop that night. Any updates?

  1. Andee Says:

    The only thing I have heard from FlatLander is that his court was pushed back until after the election. I think the church knew he would take it right to the media (which he did anyway) and it wouldn't be good for them.

    Thats all I know for now... they still plan on exing him, but not yet. Not until it's at a better time for them.

    The whole song and dance is hilarious. They have no idea what they are doing.

    Thank you for all the nice things you said about my Dad. He was amazing. :)