Photo Update!

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I know it's been a while since I have updated the blog, I haven't been feeling well. Sore throat, cough, and aches... it sucks. I have been editing photos, so here is an update for you all :)


  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    Awesome! I love autumn.

  1. Aerin Says:

    These are great! Thanks for sharing.

  1. Andee Says:

    Glad you like them, guys!


  1. David Says:

    OH, that is not fair...those pictures make me so jealous of fall. It was 88 here in Houston today...Not Fair. LOL

  1. Andee Says:

    It's been unseasonably warm here as well, David. I went for a short walk yesterday and I didn't even need a jacket! I had to keep reminding myself that it was November...