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I was bored, and I found some stuff that made me cringe... here are a few examples...

Do you like Urban Legends as much as I do?  Most of the time they turn out to be false, but here is a list of the five creepiest urban legends that are TRUE... This is just one example, click here for the others.

Some poor schmuck is committed to his or her eternal resting place, even though they aren’t quite ready to take that final dirt nap. Scratch marks are later found on the coffin lid along with other desperate signs of escape.

I bet this is fantastic for busy mothers who need to pack half a million sack lunches for school. The idea of getting peanut butter from a slice, just like you would get from a Kraft Single, strikes me a little strange.  I wonder if the taste is the same?  Texture?  One thing is for sure, busy Mom's will love 'em!  Go here for a list of stores that sell them.

Like Rachel Ray? She's pretty funny... especially after watching this clip.  She loves her corn!

 This little butter stick is for those who are afraid of knives?  I don't see what is so horrible about buttering your bread or toast the old fashioned way... it's strange, huh?  For more absurd food inventions click here.


  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    rachael ray is out of control. I don't think she has any sort of filter between her brain and her mouth. It all just comes out as soon as (or perhaps even before) she thinks it.

    She can be annoying, but also fun to watch. She does make really tasty food though.

    Butter in a stick? Gross.

    Slices of PB? Gross.
    That's no more peanut butter than those slices of "cheese" are cheese.

    PB should have maximum two ingredients: peanuts and salt.