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As you all know, I get comments from believing Mormons all the time.  Sometimes they leave notes in the comments section of the blog, and sometimes they just email me to tell me how unbelievable horrible I am.  Yesterday I found this note in the comments section and I loved it so much I had to share it with everyone.  

WOW, that's quite a list you've got going on there.

Thanks, I spent some time on it.  Glad you approve.

I suppose you had to dump that load some place.

This is my blog, so yeah... it would probably be a good place to "dump the load." I do wish you could have come up with a better way to say that.  Sounds gross.

See what you're missing is that all the things on your list are of no consequence because it was all "revealed". It doesn't need to be proven.

It's funny that you think I am missing something. The research I have done over the last year and a half has been pretty damned extensive.  You might think it doesn't need to be proven, but there is plenty of evidence to prove the church untrue. 

And if you doubt it, think about all of the Mormons who have a "testimony" that it's true despite the evidence to the contrary.

I do think about all the Mormons who have a testimony.  Many of these people are family members whom I love very much.  I am happy to hear that you accept there is plenty of evidence that the church is indeed untrue.  A testimony doesn't make the church true.  You would like to believe that, but it's not the case.

Faith in the face of contrary evidence makes the Mormon adherent extra spiritual.

Ooooh extra spiritual, huh?  Gee... I am missing out on something.  If I just have enough faith to believe in something that is obviously a fraud makes me spiritual?  That is where I have gone wrong... thanks!

So if you would just humbly read the BoM and pray for God to reveal to you it's "truth" you'd get a special feeling that would override all of the evidence.

Hehehe, you sound exactly like my Mom's ex Bishop.  Warm fuzzies don't make the church true either.  It doesn't work that way.  Sorry.

You say why read and pray about the truth of something when you know it's false?

So, if I pray to see if 2+2=4 and I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling, then my math is false?  It's amazing.  Again, you can't find truth that way... you find peace, but not truth.  Sometimes feelings mean different things.  

I'll get back to you on that. There must be an answer. OK in the mean time read the Koran and pray if it's true. If you get a special feeling than forget about the BoM. OK?

Do you really think that people who believe in the Koran don't pray about it?  Do you think they don't feel it's the word of God just as you believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God?  Umm... every religion feels they are correct.  I don't think any of them are.

Wasn't that fun?

If it wasn't for comments like that, I wouldn't laugh as much as I do.  

See friends?  All we need to do is fast, pray and read our Book of Mormon.  We should believe even though there is so much evidence to the contrary!  Anonymous commenter has it right!




  1. Carter Niven Says:

    I find it interesting how Mormonism of today is the reason Mormonism was created. Joseph Smith said it was impossible to know what was true – there was no reasonable way to know it. So he turns to God, and God reveals the truth. However, that revealed truth was supposed to be EVIDENCE. When you read the BOM and other church material it would seem that the whole purpose of the BOM is to prove that Christianity is real and true. They talk about witnesses, spiritual tests, and confirmation of knowledge.

    Mormonism developed during a time when religiosity was waning. The United States was newly formed with secular values, universalism was strong, and the corporal nature of God was greatly questions. The Book of Mormon was supposed to be a second witness proving to the world of both God’s existence and His mighty hand in the direction of the world. Early Mormons were comfortable and confident of their beliefs because they were provable.

    Mormonism of today is no different from those religions and ideas it was trying to refute in the 1830’s. There is no reasonable way to believe its truth or validity. And so, the church argues against proof, science, and reason which it believed (and many still do) was on its side. Now the only thing that is on its side is fuzzy feelings. Unfortunately, humans are biologically designed to base all there reasoning on emotions and then create the reasons after why they made the best choice.