To The Author Of This Blog...

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I just got this comment...

To all those who have come to this site out of curiosity about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Your curiosity is given by Heavenly Father. Pursue it. But, please pursue it by looking to The Source of truth. Pray to Heavenly Father. Seek wisdom and information from unbiased materials. If you're curious about the church, I encourage you to visit the church's official website at or I can not express my sadness in seeing sacred topics splashed across the screen in this way. To the author of this blog, I beg you to reconsider and delete this blog. Jessica Poe

I can't stop laughing. I just can't.

If you are here learning about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you will certainly get a lot more truth and knowledge than you would at or The only thing you will get there is whitewashed crap.

Oh yeah, and praying to your Heavenly Father is much better proof than reading actual FACTS from historical documents. Don't forget that.

Reconsider what? Why should I delete my blog? There is nothing but truth here... which is more than I can say about the websites you have suggested.

Still laughing.

Thanks Jessica, I needed a good laugh.



  1. [kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] Says:

    It is funny. But also sad. Sad that Jessica can't handle having "sacred topics" be discussed openly and frankly. There is nothing so dangerous as something being "too sacred" to discuss, question, criticise. Just ask Martin Luther.

    Jessica, Andee is doing something marvellous and important. If logical and historical truth contradicts what you believe, then how could it possibly be from god?

  1. Andee Says:

    You are right Craig, I was being too hard on her. It just seems like thats all I hear sometimes! Andee=Bad Mormons=Hate=Good.

    It's sickening.



  1. Mere Says:

    Andee, Andee, Andee. . . *tsk tsk* you are being tricked into thinking that the free exchange of information is important and vital for the growth of a religion, culture or movement.

    Now, why don't you get back in the kitchen and let the Brethren decide what's best for you to know!

  1. Mere Says:

    In all seriousness, I have to ask how "good" Mormons are finding your site. How are they surprised by what it's about at this point? Am I missing some huge splash into page that plays "Praise the Man" and has one a picture of Smith on it covered in tacky "glitter bling"?

  1. Andee Says:


    You are right... what am I thinking? Oh, wait... that is the problem. I *AM* thinking.

    My bad.

    I am pretty sure that the link for the Mormon Temple article I wrote a year ago has been circling in an email or something. It's the ONLY article TBMs read. They never comment on anything else.


  1. Mere Says:

    Maybe you should sell it on a t-shirt. Cafe press will make anything!

  1. Carrie Says:

    dont let anyone stop you from pursuing your blog! it's my lifeline. Im delurking... ive been inactive for 14 years, and just last week sent in my formal resignation. it's amazing how much whitewashed info they give you in the church. i actually had to leave the church in order to learn the truth about it. no one in my extended mormon family has any idea about the mountain meadow massacre, for example.

    just last night the local bishop came to my door at night, unannounced. he was trying to con me out of resigning, and kept saying he was going to send home teachers over, as well as written materials. i was very firm, but polite. i said my resignation letter clearly states i want no contact except for final confirmation.

    i cant believe they are trying to scare (or smother?) me out of leaving. like a good cult, it's easy to get in, impossible to get out. i dont feel they care about me at all, but yet they'll do anything to keep me on their member rolls, so they can share their falsely impressive numbers. (I hear 50% are inactive!)

    anyway, thanks for doing the good work. :)

  1. Andee Says:


    Thank you for your super-kind message. You have nothing to worry about. I will keep this blog until the day I die... it's a part of who I am now.

    I would have a hard time leaving others who have gone through the pain of dealing with leaving the church. There are tons of people who were there for me, and I want to pay it forward. It's also helping in the healing process. I get to vent and rant all I want to!

    I am glad to hear you were firm with your bishop. Yes, they will do and say anything to keep you a member, and that includes stopping by unannounced even though you told them not to.

    It *is* a cult, as much as they claim it isn't. Life is good on the outside, they just refuse to see it.