Baptism For The Dead (again)

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I know I have posted about Baptism for the Dead many times, but I just had a conversation with someone about it, and its on my mind. Forgive me.

I just can't understand it. I don't understand how anyone in the world has the right to baptize or decide religion for a person who has already died. It's so wrong. That person lived their life and made their own decisions, why does anyone else have the right to make decisions for them?

It's morally wrong. I know the people in the church feel they are doing a good thing, but they have no right. None.

Why in the world would God want it that way anyway? Why would he make that necessary? Seems a little silly to me when God could basically look at the person and know their entire soul. Honestly, I think baptism for the dead is an excuse to keep people going to the temple. Just my thought. If they didn't have to do those baptisms for their loved ones along with total strangers, they probably wouldn't make as many trips, would they?

Just my opinion.


  1. Nicko Says:

    Hey Syd,

    I have to confess that Baptism for the Dead to me sounded bizarre when I first heard about it too all 15 years ago. I guess the answer comes by taking the Bible literally when it says that unless and man be baptised by water and the spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom...etc,etc.

    Plus we have the other scripture written by Paul later which I am sure you already know about.

    Taking that seriously then, it seems entirely appropriate to baptise for those who never had an opportunity.

    But I don't think that we could ever really rationally debate this one, its one of the doctrines that is kinda out there seperated pretty much from everything else.

    Oh and the comment that its there to keep people going to the temple is somewhat correct? JS did say that they cannot have salvation without us (the dead) and we cannot have salvation without them (going to the temple).

  1. Sydney Says:

    I know you will back up the church here, but I still stand by my point that religion is a personal choice and I think it's wrong to make that decision for someone else.

    I don't think the temple is necessary for anything. (obviously... you know me.) It just makes no sense. I have to raise the crazy flag here. I mean, why in the world would God require secret handshakes and names in order to get to heaven? It's really bizarre and out there...

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You misunderstand tho. I'm Mormon, I think I can explain.
    Its not considered that the baptism is even official unless they accept it. Those who are baptized for the dead are given the choice by God whether to accept or not. This is not baptizing people without their consent. If those who have passed on do not accept the baptism, then its as if it never happened. All you had was someone going thru the motions, which is necessary because obviously we cannot ask them when they are already dead.
    Its also harmless no matter what way you see it. Say Mormonism is true. Then we are doing the right thing, right? But say Mormonism is false. Well, obviously then, whatever baptism we performed wouldn't make a whit of difference, would it?

  1. Sydney Says:


    I am not misunderstanding. I know what the church teaches and says, I have been a part of the church for 29 years now.

    I understand that they claim people can accept or dismiss the gospel, but in my opinion that is just a way to quiet the critics of the practice. You shouldn't do that without that persons direct consent. If they are dead, they can't consent.

    It's not harmless like you claim. I know plenty of people who have had family members baptized and found it extremely troubling, including thousands of holocaust victims.

    It makes a difference even though I know it to be false. You are making decisions for people who can't consent. Point blank. Any argument isn't going to work on this one.