Photo Update

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Time for a photography update. Most of these were taken within the last month. With the computer trouble I had a few weeks ago, I am still trying to catch up with the editing and uploading to my flickr page... argh.


  1. Nicko Says:

    I'll let you in on a secret...I have a thing for cats!!! That second pic is really really CUTE (ok..that doesn't sound Aussie Blokey huh!)...I wish I could get my photos out like that....any tips???

  1. Sydney Says:

    Hahaha, cats rock! I was never a cat person until I rescued Abbey Road from an abusive home. Now I love them.

    The only tips I have are to take the photos when the cat is resting. When I try to take photos of Buddha Belly she tends to run away because she doesn't care for the flash... so I have to catch her at the right time. Things are much easier when they are sitting still and resting.

    Another thing is to get close up. Tons of people take photos of their pets, but in some cases the animal is only a small part of the image. Scoot in and focus on part of the animals face or fur. It's more interesting.

    Lastly, use natural light when you can. The photo of Abbey that you like was taken early in the Morning when the sun was shining into my apartment. The natural light looks amazing reflecting on things! Good luck Nicko!!