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I think it's time for a completely random post because I have been focusing on my thoughts with the church so much in the past week. Since I was just ranting about polygamy and marriage inin the afterlife, lets talk about the wedding.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves... I am not getting married. I am not even dating anyone... I just think it's fun to look at this stuff every once in a while. Hell, it's what every little girl dreams of, right? Maybe I should be a wedding planner? I could take the photos, too!

Love this. The flowers look like you gathered them outside yourself. Nice and natural. No need for frills and lace or tons of babies breath. Simple is perfect.

I like this cake. Green is my favorite color, and I would use green a lot in the wedding. Maybe pale green dresses for the bridesmaids, and green tablecloths on the tables at the reception. Instead of fake sugar flowers I would love to have real flowers. Only if they wouldn't poison my guests, of course. Maybe fresh mint? That might be interesting. My cake itself would be chocolate (of course) and I would definitely go with a raspberry filling. Delicious.The Ring. Enough Said.

I like this hairstyle because it's not too fancy. Soft curls and kept out of the way. Instead of a barrette, I would probably use a flower of some sort (or cover the barrette with a flower) the only downside to this is that the hair would drive me nuts by the end of the night and I would end up pulling it back. I suppose some women have more than one dress (different dress for the reception) and I could have two hairstyles... but that seems like a lot of work and extra money.

This dress, designed by Monique Lhuillier has lovely detail without going overboard. You don't need millions of sparkles and pearls... this simple yet lovely lace is gorgeous... well, it better be for the price tag. Upwards of $5000.