Polygamy in Heaven?

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A month or so ago, I had a meeting with my Mom's bishop. During this meeting I asked him many questions about polygamy, and every time he answered he would phrase his answers with, "This is what I believe," or "This is how I see it." I wasn't looking for his opinion, I was looking for the official word on what the church believes. I don't think he had those answers, and I don't think anyone else would either. Every time I ask a bishop, missionary, or stake president a question they just give me their opinion! Why is that? They always sugar-coat the answer too, but that is another post for another day.


I don't believe for a millionth of a second that polygamy was anything more than Joseph Smith wanting to shack up with more ladies. He knew he would get caught, so *surprise* he had revelation that God wanted him to practice polygamy.

When he went about this, he hid it from his wife, Emma. Would God want that? Nope.

He went to woman after woman and he was sealed to them. Two of these women were 14 year old girls. Some of these women were still married to their living husbands when he married them. Would God want that? Nope. Just common sense.

He told some of these women that if they didn't marry him they would be damned to hell. Would God want or do that? Nope. Makes no sense.

So, when I asked Mom's bishop about the practice of polygamy in the celestial kingdom, I was expecting him to deny it completely. After all, I had never heard anyone talk about it openly in my entire 29 years of life. I wasn't expecting him to admit it.

He told me that he believed the reason polygamy would be practiced in the celestial kingdom was because more women than men would make it to the celestial kingdom. What? Who says we have to be married up in heaven? Why is that mandatory? What if we didn't want to be married? Hell, I am a perfectly happy single girl right now... I am not looking around for a mate. Why would I need one in the afterlife?

He told me that he thinks men are jerks. He says they are more likely to stray from what God wants for us. What? Really? Why are men more likely to stray than women?

If I have to be married off to some guy in heaven (that I probably don't even know) and to top it off I have to share him with a bunch of other girls and serve him in the afterlife... I don't want to be there. Count me out. That is supposed to be a reward for being a good person? Polygamy?

Obviously, not one of his answers made any sense to me, and they have just added more questions to my list... it's frustrating to say the least.


  1. James Says:

    All you get are people's opinions because it has not been revealed why polygamy was practiced. It was just a commandment from God and God's people obeyed.

    One thing you left out when you were talking about Joseph Smith and polygamy is that he also married two woman almost 60 years old. You would think that if all he wanted was women he would only marry young girls.

    I don't think a 14 year old boy would start a plot to make up a chruch, write a book, get persecuted for his beliefs, and eventually die for them just to marry a bunch of woman around the age of 38. That doesn't add up.

  1. Soy Yo Says:

    So, if men are jerks and more likely to fall away, then why are they the only ones that can lead the church? You would think that if women were more rightious, they would be the spiritual leaders, not the men.

  1. Sydney Says:


    When I asked Mom's bishop about *that* he said that men were in charge because that is how God wanted it.

    Bull S***

  1. Sydney Says:

    You believe it was a commandment from God, and I don't. That is the bottom line here James. I don't believe for a split second God would require that of anyone.

    Sure he was married to two 60 year olds, I am sure he didn't have sex with them. Why did you glance over the 14 year olds though? And the fact that he told them to marry him or be damned to hell?

    He was supposedly 14 at the time of the fist vision, but he was much older during the time of translation. He wasn't a "mere" boy. I think he just wanted to make some money and the whole thing grew and grew. Just my personal opinion. He had the opportunity to stop it at any time, and he didn't. He kept it going and hurt a lot of people in the process.