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Recently, in Eldorado, Texas, a raid took place on a polygamist compound that belonged to an FLDS community. The Mormon Church always comes out of the woodwork to claim that they have nothing at all to do with these people or the way they live their lives, but in my humble opinion, the FLDS church practices exactly what Joseph Smith preached during his time.

The FLDS community simply believes that the mainstream Mormon church strayed from the true beliefs and teachings of their prophet.

As much as the Mormon Church claims they have nothing to do with this, they are wrong. If you looked back in time to most of the ancestors of people in the church, you would see exactly what is happening in the FLDS communities.

I don't like polygamy. I think it's hurtful. But when it comes down to it, grown adults should be able to live their lives like they want to. It crosses the line, however, when they force this lifestyle on their children. Lets put ourselves in the place of a child living in a polygamous compound for a moment...

If the child is female, she is taught by example that she should follow men and the priesthood without question. If she questions, she is punished. If the child is male, he runs the risk of being kicked out of his polygamous community because there needs to be more women than men. Some teenage boys are kicked out with nowhere to go, and no money in their pockets. These kids are called the Lost Boys.

Teenage girls are being married to men as old as 50 years old, and having babies almost immediately. I am sure they are all terrified and incredibly disgusted when they have to lay down with their new spiritual husband, and that is something no child should ever have to go through.

The law states clearly that having intercourse with a child underage is statutory rape. The people responsible for this should have to face the consequences. It's rape. Plain and simple.

Basically, it's wrong to force children to live like this. If you are a grown adult you get to make the decision on how to live your life. When you bring children into the world, things change. You have the obligation to raise those kids in a safe and supportive environment. Teaching your daughters to marry older men at 16 (even when they protest) and tossing out young men isn't being a good parent.

I know in my heart these people believe they are living according to the gospel. They are living the lives that Joseph Smith told them they should live.

My heart goes out to the 16 year old girl who had the courage to call the police in Texas and ask for help. She was courageous, brave, and smart. The authorities have mentioned over and over again that they have not located this girl. Where is she? Was she murdered for asking for help? Many people are asking that very question.

The whole thing is unfair to these kids. First they are raised in a place that teaches them how to live their life or risk their eternal salvation and personal safety, and then they are taken away by the bus load to a new place. Their homes are all they know. Some of them have never left the compound. They are probably terrified, not only about if they will see their families again, but also for their salvation because they are not living how the priesthood members tell them to live.

When I read about the police going into the FLDS temple, I was honestly surprised. I knew the police were looking for children that were possibly being hidden from those who were looking to protect them, but I didn't realize they would go into the temple. From what I read in the newspaper, the police did everything possible to maintain respect for the groups spiritual sanctuary. The police officer in charge even went as far as to hire a locksmith to try and unlock the doors so they wouldn't harm the property. There was a protest, but it never became violent.

What made me sick as I continued to read the newspaper, was the mention of three beds on the top floor of the temple. Many people are speculating that young girls would have sex with their new husbands in these beds, possibly while being watched. If this is true, my heart is broken for them.

There was also mention of cyanide documents. Would these people commit mass suicide rather than be separated?

Where are we now?

Well, almost 420 children are now in state custody. Most of them in foster homes or other forms of state care. Many of the mothers to these children have come forward recently saying that they fear for their children's safety. They mention that their kids have gotten sick and some have required hospitalization. It's sad that the kids are sick, don't get me wrong... but they could get sick anywhere. I sincerely doubt the state is responsible for that in any way. These children are probably scared out of their minds. The horrible way they were living will now never be the same, but that is all they knew. They are just kids.

What a freakin mess.