Colorful Coffins

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Yeah, I guess I am a little morbid at times. After deciding to leave the LDS Church, I have been thinking a lot about what to expect when it is my turn to "cross over." Instead of the funerals that I am used to (LDS Chapel, Bishop presiding, church hymns, and Book of Mormon quotes) I decided that I want my memorial to be a celebration of who I was, and what I liked and believed in.

I have always wanted something unique, and I think I am leaning toward a graveside service with a chocolate dessert bar. Then it occurred to me that I could design everything... I ran across this website called Colorful Coffins, it's based out of England. They make coffins designed to your specifications. Instead of a plain wood coffin or casket, imagine one of these decorated with the things you enjoyed during your lifetime. Here are my favorites...