Modern Mormons and Polygamy

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The recent raid on an Fundamental sect of the Mormon Church has brought many conversations with my family, friends, and co-workers. A few days ago I caught a conversation about the topic on, and I agreed with something that "no testimony" had to say. Much of this article is taken from her statement, and I thank her for the inspiration.

You always hear believing Mormons claim something like... "I wish people wouldn't assume we all practice polygamy. We stopped that practice long ago, and we don't agree with it."

Sorry, I disagree. Mormon's still believe polygamy to be an eternal principle. Mormon's believe they will practice polygamy in heaven. When I asked my Mom's ex-bishop about the practice of polygamy in heaven, he admitted that it was true. He even went as far as to tell me that most men are "Jerks" and wouldn't make it to the celestial kingdom. Riiiiight. Polygamy is a sexist and degrading practice, and you are kidding yourself if you think it's positive in any way, shape, or form.

What happens when a true-believing Mormon's wife dies and he re-marries in the temple? He has two women sealed to him in the afterlife, doesn't he? Doesn't that count as polygamy? Certainly does in my book.

When Mormons claim they don't practice polygamy, they mean... "We don't practice it right now." It's misleading to claim that they church doesn't practice polygamy and it isn't a part of their doctrine. It is. What is worse is that this isn't discussed with most converts before they are baptized into the Mormon faith. Most Mormons would have heard the phrase, "Milk before Meat" meaning that you teach a convert the easy to digest doctrine before giving them the full and complete doctrine of the church. It's as good as lying.

Things like this are not discussed openly. If you want to discuss polygamy in the afterlife, you don't ask questions in church classes... no. You talk about it quietly with the bishop, or family and friends. Why? Because they don't want other people to learn about it.

If polygamy is an eternal principal, I want no part of it. I don't think sharing some guy in heaven with tons of sister wives and raising our spirit children is my idea of a good time. That is supposedly heaven? Are you kidding me? No thanks.

The FLDS communities are basically practicing what Joseph Smith preached. They are still true to his teachings, and the modern church is not. You can say what you want about Mormons and polygamy, but it exists, and it's wrong.


  1. Nicko Says:


    I wouldn't worry about polygamy in heaven because you aren't going to be there anyway :) (jokes...I hope you know that I would never think that!)

    I guess for me coming into the church at the age of 19, I was never really effected by the polygamy thing. For years I pondered the OT and thought to myself that Abraham and that were prophets. As such,it didn't seem too surprising to me that JS was commanded (in my opinion yes) to have more than one wife. If Abraham was and so many other OT prophets, then why not JS.

    The FLDS movement is so much different to the LDS polygamous movement too. Incest anyone?

    As far as Polygamy being practiced in the eternal kingdom, I don't know much of that doctrine. What your bishop said may in large be correct. The chances of men making it are limited. We tend to err alot in this life...and before you go on, you know that the doctrine of eternal increase in exhaltation is preempted by a celestial marriage.

    All this having been said, I think that very little has been taught on this because there is ALOT of scope for people to take it WAY out of context and begin movements such as the FLDS. Plus, the hearts of men are such at times (until very recently in my opinion) that they would take it upon themselves to practice polygamy...even without the Lords consent. Look at David in the OT for instance.

    I suppose if you don't believe the OT then you aren't going to be convinced by JS's testimonies. But civilisations past and even some present have been practicing polygamy. Its not such a deviant practice as we 'contemporary westerners' appear to make it.

  1. Sydney Says:

    Polygamy isn't good for women or our rights. I sincerely doubt that God would have it this way. We are not objects to obtain, and polygamy enforces that way of thinking.

    As much as I dislike the way polygamy hurts women, it is just as bad for men. What happens to young men in polygamous groups? They get run out because they are competition for the young women who are of (young) marrying age.

    I don't believe in prophets of any kind. No one has been able to prove in any way that God was talking directly to them, and only them. If a person claims to be a prophet and then claims that God wants him to marry more than one woman, something should raise your eyebrows... don't you think?

  1. Nicko Says:

    Well Sydney now you are showing your cultural bias slightly. Polygamy may not be good for Women's rights, but women's rights as they stand in the western liberal world are all we really can understand and know.

    How do you justify the perfectly happy arab women living in a home with two other wives? To suggest that their rights are being overcome because of the man is not to respect her decision to enter into polygamous relationships.

    THAT having been said. I am not advocating for women's rights ala the Middle East. But what I am saying is, we can't just assume that certain women don't enter into these types of arrangements under duress. To do so would be culturally illiterate so to speak.

    If you don't believe that prophets speak to God/angels in any age then you must think there are alot of wacky men and women gone by. From Mary to Joseph Smith to Abraham to Joan or Arc, there have been plenty who have testified of heavenly visitations whether it be Christ or one of his angels. I'm not sure how you reconcile that yourself.

    I think Polygamy is one of those issues that will never be fully understood in this life. Especially not be Westerners such as ourselves. I met an Islamic Men once on my mission who thought our religion was false because it no LONGER practiced polygamy. Go figure.